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This video, like my last, will inevitably be suppressed and demonetized by the authoritarian trash that runs Google. And that’s just what they are… terrible human beings!

You see, they want you sick and afraid… clearly! They don’t want anyone opposing the popular narrative, no matter how sound that opposition may be.

They’re your typical, fear-mongering, leftist trash who are desperate for power.

Well, screw them! Share this video… and then share it some more… and then some more. Circumvent their suppression techniques. Help yourselves and help others!

This information needs to get out! As it is beginning to be repeated!

First, if you have not already, do ensure that you watch my last video for some context! Plus, it demonstrates an emerging pattern, which will make sense by the end of this video.

Now, I am just going to cut to the chase, another study, this one published just last week, has found that among intensive care patients suffering from COVID-19, 85% of them have vitamin D levels below 30 nanograms per milliliter. And the study’s author suggests that a person’s vitamin D status does indeed play a role in the severity of their COVID-19 progression and outcome.

Now, while this study has a small sample size, and has not yet been peer-reviewed, the findings echo the larger study that I had shared in my last video… which, again, I recommend that you all to go to watch.

Plus, this leads me to a theory.

Recently it was reported that a study has found that 66% of New York’s COVID-19 hospitalizations have occurred among folks who have stayed at home. In other words, not essential workers.

Sure, these folks may have picked the virus up after stepping out briefly for groceries, errands, necessary appointments, etc.

Or, it may have even spread into their apartments in a similar fashion to how it had in a Hong Kong residential building back in February.

Nonetheless, it leads me to wonder if being cooped-up at home, without much in the way of regular sun exposure, has lowered people’s vitamin D statuses? And, thus, increased their risk of severe infection when they finally DID encounter the virus? However they may have.

Just a theory, but I feel it is worth considering given these two recent papers.

So, once again, whoever you are, wherever you are, especially if you have darker skin are located in the northern hemisphere… consider taking a vitamin D3 supplement, just to be safe! They’re cheap and widely-available.

And I would not hesitate getting one now, because when and if this data becomes public, similar to when the reports on both vitamin C and Pepcid AC had respectively become public, you will likely find it next-to-impossible, for some time at least, to find a D3 product for purchase. Or one, at least, that hasn’t had its price inflated.

So, stock up now! Just my advice. Don’t be caught with your pants down when the time comes.

In fact, I’ve linked to the precise vegan D3 product that I personally use down in the description.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.


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Vitamin D Insufficiency is Prevalent in Severe COVID-19

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