Why I’m a Right-Wing Vegan (Logic, Science, Politics, Philosophy, Etc.)

Since I’ve recently gained a few new subscribers on this channel, or well-over 300 in the past month and counting, I thought doing a bit of a personal video might be interesting. To better introduce myself, or rather, some of my reasoning. Reasoning which certainly eludes some folks, from what I gather.

I’ll admit, I must be somewhat of a unicorn; being a vegan, while also being unapologetically right-wing, nationalistic, and eurocentric.

To many those are bad, BAD words oft conflated with hatred. Especially the latter two.

I mean, how dare a white person, especially a white man, want to see his people, in my case the Irish, or broadly-speaking fellow Europeans, maintain their homelands, and preserve their respective cultures and ethnic identity?

Such evil, I tell you!

That sort of mindset is CLEARLY only acceptable for OTHER ethnic groups. At least that seems to be the popular notion of late, constantly drilled into our heads.

Worse yet, to these same folks, mostly the mentally-ill intersectional crowd, who genuinely believe that nearly every negative occurrence in the world is / was the fault of white men… to them, veganism is incompatible with right-wing politics at large.

But, that is quite simply false. And, frankly, detrimental to veganism — serving only to turn people away, by making them feel unwelcome or repulsed.

If you truly care about veganism, and aren’t using it solely as a means by which to virtue signal how fucking awesome everyone should think you are, why would you engage in such harmful behavior?

Veganism, by its very definition, is apolitical. To be a vegan one must simply refrain from eating or using animal products. That’s it! Nowhere in the core definition is there any mention of political or other side requirements.

So, let’s not bastardize that core definition, nor drift away from its intended purpose to suit twisted fucking agendas and/or selfishness.

Not that mentally-ill intersectionals care about that sort of thing anyway. Pictured is one particularly reprehensible intersectional case-in-point. Tell me, does your spine get constantly injured from all of the oppression acrobatics you’re engaged in?

With that out of the way, I want to address why I became vegan. Maybe you’ll learn something, whether you’re a vegan or not. There will be science, but I will start with the personal reasons. After all, I am not a robot.

In 2002, I gave up meat.

You see, I love animals. I was raised to love animals, and treat them with kindness.

I’ve always found joy in interacting with and spending time with animals. Or even just watching them from afar.

And the kind of love animals bring, when you get to know them, is unconditional. They couldn’t care less if you’re skinny, fat, muscular, crippled, rich, poor, whatever. They just care about how you treat them.

This is not to say a lion wouldn’t tear my face straight off given the opportunity, but isn’t that to be expected? Lions do what lions do. But, it certainly isn’t born of some kind of hatred on the part of the lion. And I don’t hold it against them, nor do I use it as some sort of justification to behave a certain way myself.

In any case, I gave up meat because I felt like a hypocrite for eating it. To say I loved and respected animals, but then put them on my plate and consume them, or certain varieties of them — well, that didn’t seem logically-consistent to me. Not when there are plentiful, nutritious alternatives.

And especially when we now possess OVER 2,500 studies confirming animal sentience.

In other words, their innate capacity to feel, perceive, and subjectively experience the world around them. Just like you and I, even if we are “more advanced”.

Fast-forward to 2013, I was exposed to the horrors of egg and dairy production.

Such as chick grinding, a process where a surplus of male chicks are GROUND ALIVE, because they’re deemed worthless to egg production.

No longer was vegetarianism “enough” in my view, as I was still funding horrors like that one. So, I went vegan. Overnight… literally. Just as I went vegetarian, overnight, back in 2002.

It wasn’t as though I required dairy, eggs or any animal product for that matter. Not for health, not to survive, nor to thrive.

Again, for me, it was about remaining consistent. Putting my money where my mouth is, so-to-speak. Walking-the-walk, not just talking-the-talk.

And being a vegan is really quite simple. And it is relatively inexpensive. But, that depends on your approach, as with anything.

You should buy in bulk wherever possible, like with beans, lentils, potatoes, and rice. Buy frozen as much as possible, such as with veggies and certain fruits. While other items, like bananas, grapes, and apples, can be had fresh for pretty cheap.

And you can purchase certified organic tofu, thus non-GMO’ed, for as little as $2 for a pack containing 40 grams of high-quality protein!

Tofu that’s also a product of the USA, by the way! Not some cheap, imported shit of questionable standard.

Even given the amount of food that I consume, while shopping exclusively at the Whole Foods Market, in Manhattan of all places, I spend between $100 and $150 dollars per week on my food bill. I could probably even lessen that some by shopping at run-of-the-mill grocers, or at wholesalers such as Costco.

And for those wishing to keep it local, you can do that too! Pretty easily, in fact. Stores such as Ocado and Co-op in the UK, for instance, actually list locally-sourced and native British produce. As do stores such as the Whole Foods Market in the US.

So, it is entirely possible to be vegan and ALSO support your local farmers and your country. Or even farmers across Europe or America as a whole. For example, the British can purchase bananas from Spain. You don’t need to import from, say, South America.

Spain, for example, is a country that produces over 60% of European bananas.

And if you are eco-minded, keep in mind that meat and dairy agriculture accounts for 70% of global freshwater consumption, 38% of the total land use, and 19% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. According to research.

And even if you couldn’t care less about emissions, perhaps you do care about land and resource use at the very least? Why waste?

And from a health perspective:

Vegans have a documented 19% lower risk than do meat eaters for 3 of the most common forms of cancer: colorectal, breast, and prostate.

Vegans also have a 26%-to-68% lower risks of mortality from ischemic heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and cerebrovascular disease than do meat-eaters.

And, it’s worth noting, according to the massive EPIC study, after controlling for factors such as age, BMI, smoking status, amount of exercise, time of day, time since last meal, and time between blood testing, it was found that vegans have about 7% GREATER total testosterone and 5% GREATER free testosterone than do meat eaters. And this is DESPITE vegans also having about 6% higher SHBG levels than meat eaters.

In conclusion, to me, being a vegan does not conflict with my political views. It allows me to remain consistent. It is arguably beneficial to mother earth. And, last but not least, more and more research shows a vegan diet to be the healthiest choice for my body and even my performance. Total win, in my book.

And to those who argue that their priority is protecting Europe. This doesn’t have to be either/or.

In fact, that excuse, which is precisely what it amounts to, is a logical fallacy known as the fallacy of relative privation, or an “appeal to worse problems”.

Veganism does not require anything from you besides refraining from consuming and using animal products. You can LITERALLY do that in the background while you focus on Europe in the foreground.

I mean, you DO find the time to eat around all of that pro-Europe activism you claim to be engaged in, right? Well, just don’t eat animals or anything from animals. Fairly simple, no?

And with all of the clear product labeling nowadays, it can require very little effort on your part to find suitable foods. You don’t necessarily need to don a pair of spectacles just to read the fine-print of ingredients while you shop.

There’s also no requirement of you to attend vegan rallies or protests. Again, refer back to the definition of veganism that I shared earlier for clarification.

Anyway, let me know what you all think in the comments below. I hope this video has provided you some insight, perhaps even something to think about.

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