Whiny, Obese B*tch Accuses Cancer Research UK of “Fat-Shaming”

Not sure if you’ve heard the news yet, but a UK-based, obese comedian named Sofie Hagen has accused Cancer Research UK of “fat-shaming” with their latest research-based campaign against obesity.

Because God forbid anyone, even those highly-qualified to do so, speak the truth about a VERY REAL, documented health risk of obesity.

Sorry, but cancer doesn’t give one sweet fuck about your feelings, Sofie. It will come for you if the conditions are primed for it to do so. No matter how much you protest.

And you, Ms. Hagen, are certainly a prime candidate.

If you and cancer were both on Tinder, cancer would definitely swipe right on your profile.

So, if you don’t like the hard truth of the matter, then take responsibility for your shitty, hedonistic, gluttonous eating habits and the results they beget.

Oops, there was that word that so many Millennials seem to hate: responsibility!

Listen… if you are truly confident about being fat, you genuinely think it is beautiful, and you’ve accepted the risks involved… then why bitch?

Clearly, you can’t grasp that sentiment. Or, you secretly hate yourself for being fat… but, making excuses and whining are easier than taking action to change.

Because, in typical social justice warrior fashion, you proceed to attack the messenger who is simply trying to inform the public that a GROWING public problem, pun intended, puts one at a huge risk, pun intended, for at least 13 different cancers, according to the data from large, also pun intended, cohort studies.

Including ass cancer. Random, I know, but I just like saying that… ass cancer.

And you definitely have a lot of ass down there for cancer to grow in.

But, I don’t mean that in the quality sense of “a lot of ass” — as pictured here.

I’m sure by this point you’d find this video incredibly triggering.

Yes, it is safe to say you’re a social justice warrior… a self-proclaimed “feminist & fat activist”.

Who appears to harbor the requisite disdain for men, particularly of the white variety, and particularly those who are, or were, successful.

In any case, Sofie Hagen is but one example of a larger infection here in the West. A cancer in its own right.

And this attack on Cancer Research UK for telling the truth is but another brick in the wall of said infection.

Two of this channel’s focuses are health and longevity, of which obesity is a mortal enemy.

And, two other focuses of this channel are diet and exercise, both of which can effectively combat obesity.

And veganism, the foremost focus of this channel, has been shown to help one reduce their risk of cancer!

So, when I see shit like this, I have to call it out.

But, thank fuck Cancer Research UK isn’t backing down, apologizing, and giving into this adult toddler’s whinging.

Unlike so many other organizations… and even the government.

Fuck these whiny, sniveling shits!

Maybe their parents gave into their every demand each fucking time they threw a tantrum, but that’s not how the REAL world works.

Anyway, let me know what you all think in the comments below. Even if you disagree… but, if you do, explain why.


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