VEGANS vs MEAT-EATERS: Testosterone, Boners & Manliness!


At this point, in a few videos, I’ve discussed the average differences in testosterone levels between meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans.

For example, based on data from the massive EPIC study, which is one of the largest cohort studies in the world, with a sample size of 521,457 healthy adults, it was found that vegan men, on average, have about 7% higher total testosterone and about 5% higher FREE testosterone than do meat-eaters. And when vegans were compared to vegetarians, the differences were found to be about 8% and 2% higher respectively… in favor of vegans, that is.

And the researchers behind that paper had controlled participant data for factors such as age, smoking, exercise, timing of blood draws, BMI, and more.

You know, before someone argues, but people who are vegan are just more likely to follow a healthier lifestyle, such as one including exercise. Yeah, they controlled for that sort of shit.

Now, granted, the disparity in testosterone levels was not massive between those 3 dietary groups. Certainly not large enough to have any real impact on muscle-building potential. Nonetheless, it demonstrates that vegans are certainly NOT at a disadvantage by abstaining from animal products.

I mean, technically, vegans have a bit more of that male hormone circulating through their bodies, on average, compared to folks who consume animal products.

But testosterone isn’t the main focus of this video, rather I just felt it was a nice preface. So, lets get into the tofu and potatoes of this video, shall we?

Last Friday I sat down to watch ‘The Game Changers’ on Netflix.

I had initially only planned to watch, like, 15-20 minutes of it, and finish it the next day. But, I eventually decided “fuck it!”, and ended up watching the entire thing.

Now, most of what that documentary explored I already knew, as I try to keep on top of the research. In fact, long-term viewers of this channel will likely already be aware about most of what it discusses since I’ve been presenting that sort of data here for years.

But there was one topic, in particular, that I haven’t really covered at length on this channel. Something that I hadn’t seen much research exploring. Ergo, something I could only really theorize about hitherto.

And that was the differences in erectile strength and frequency among men who consume a vegan diet vs. animal-based.

‘The Game Changers’ featured a scene where a Dr. Aaron Spitz, who is a Board Certified Urologist and the lead delegate of the American Urological Association, took 3 collegiate athletes and ran an experiment on them which lasted for two nights.

On the first night of the experiment, he had the men consume meat-based burritos, containing beef, chicken, or pork. And on the second night, the same men were fed vegan burritos containing a mock meat alternative.

Over the course of both nights, the 3 men had the strength, longevity and frequency of their erections tracked while they slept by wearing a medical device on their respective dongs.

The purpose of this experiment was to determine what effects, if any, diet plays on a dude’s ‘manhood’.

Well, after comparing the data that was gathered on both nights, it was found that the vegan meal elicited a 12% increase, on average, in erectile hardness, with an average increase of 364% in erectile longevity! In fact, one of the 3 dudes, named Blake, actually experienced a 477% increase in erectile longevity!

In other words, all 3 men experienced significantly harder and longer-lasting erections after simply going meat-free for just one damn night!

Now, granted, this was not an officially-published study. Thus, you aren’t going to find it in any reputable peer-reviewed journals. It also had an extremely tiny sample size of just n=3, with very limited controls. But, the results are interesting nonetheless, and certainly warrant follow-up research to see if they can be replicated under scrutiny, with a larger number of participants.

With that said, there was a study published in 2004; a randomized, single-blind trial that lasted 3 years, examining 110 obese men, aged between 35 and 55, none of whom suffered from diabetes, hypertension, or hyperlipidemia, but all of whom experienced erectile dysfunction. That study found that by reducing the intake of high-cholesterol foods, erectile dysfunction and overall sexual function was improved.

Granted, that study only looked at obese men, and didn’t specifically compare a vegan diet to a diet containing animal products, but it is in-line with the experiment featured in ‘The Game Changers’, so I felt it was appropriate to mention here.

And then you have this 2010 paper, which examined the effects of the Mediterranean diet on erectile dysfunction. And it determined that the Mediterranean diet may actually improve erectile dysfunction. For those who are not aware, the Mediterranean diet reduces or eliminates red and processed meat, as well as refined grains, and instead relies heavily on fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and fish. So, while the Mediterranean diet is clearly not vegan, it IS a far cry from, say, the carnivore approach. All vegans would have to do is eliminate the fish, as many of us already consume fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains in relative abundance.

That study does make me wonder how a vegan diet would stack up against the Mediterranean diet in this regard. To see what would happen if the participants also eliminated the fish.

Anyway, I hope you all found this video interesting, and I hope that videos like this will help send the ubiquitous “meat makes you manly” myth straight to bed! You see, that myth is like a petulant child; it’s well-past its bedtime, but the little shit refuses to stay tucked-in!

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