Do Vegans Live Longer?

So, is it really true that vegans live longer?

Well, I came across a scientific paper the other day that I thought would make for a VERY interesting video topic for people who want to know whether vegans live longer.

It’s also in line with videos where I’ve explained my anti-aging tips and routines. Backed by research, per usual. I will link both of those videos below for your convenience.

Now, on to this paper.

It was a cohort study, conducted in Spain, which explored the combined effect of six healthy lifestyle habits, or the lack thereof, on mortality in older people.

The study ran from 2000 through 2011, and monitored 3,465 individuals, who were representative of the Spanish population aged at or over 60 at the start of the study.

The study authors began by looking at three lifestyle factors which are jointly capable of reducing mortality risk: not smoking, or having quit 15 or more years prior to the study, being moderately to very physical active, and consuming a healthy diet.

The researchers defined a healthy diet as consisting of relatively high intake of fruit, vegetables, healthy vegetable fats, whole grain products, and fish — which I will give my thoughts about in a moment. While animal fats, red meats, and processed meats were considered to make a diet less healthy.

The latter is no fucking shock given BOTH of the recent papers released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and Oxford University, which demonstrate the potentialill effects on health and longevity from consuming red or processed meats!

However, now I need to take a moment to speak up about a specific factor in this part of the study. As an ethical vegan, I do NOT promote the consumption of fish. Regardless of what the study authors consider healthy.

Research suggests that fish do feel pain in a manner similar to the rest of the vertebrates, and also display behavioral and cognitive sophistication. They develop cultural traditions, and are both self-aware, and aware of others. They also shows signs of cooperation and reconciliation.

Whats more, you do not require animal products of any kind to survive or thrive, at any stage of life, not even for athletics. And by avoiding animal products, you may receive health benefits in the prevention and treatment of particular diseases.

Besides, there are a number of potential KNOWN contaminates in fish, that can build up over time in your body, leading to eventual health issues. Some can take 5 or more years to clean out of your system, too!

So, just leave fish alone. Let them do their thing, and you do yours.

Get your protein from quality plant sources, and I discussed the topic of quality vegan protein in another video. Linked below, check it out!

As for the essential fatty acids found in fish there are a myriad of plant-based sources, ranging from flax seeds, to chia seeds, to hemp seeds, to seaweed, and even various oils, including algae oil supplements that contain DHA.

And I’ve done a video demonstrating, with recent science, that long-term vegans possess a gene mutation that allows them to process ALA omega 3’s into EPA and DHA more efficiently than meat-eaters. Hell, I’ve given up vegan DHA oils myself, and now rely solely on flaxseed oil. I will let the mutation take its course!

Because I see that mutation as beneficial. Some straight-up X-Men shit! So, bring it!

That video is linked below if you want to learn more, so do check it out!

Anyway, enough diversion… back to the fucking paper, and most importantly — the results!!!

Beyond just smoking habits, exercise, and diet, researchers also explored three additional healthy lifestyle factors: sleeping 7 to 8 hours each night, sitting on one’s ass less than 8 hours each day, and getting daily interaction with friends.

Now… the results!

So, do vegans live longer?

First, by simply not smoking and getting daily exercise, mortality risk is reduced by approx. 35%!

By also eating a healthy diet: mortality risk is further reduced by another 14%!

By just engaging in adequate sleep, not sitting around each day, and seeing friends, mortality risk is reduced by approx. 33%.

By just 9 years into this 11 year study, 36% of the initial 3,465 participants had died.

After 11 years, of those who engaged in zero to one of the the six healthy lifestyle behaviors, only 30% were still alive.

However, after 11 years, of those who engaged in ALL SIX of the healthy lifestyle behaviors, 80% were still alive!!!

In other words: to improve our chances of longevity, esp. as we age, we should actively pursuit healthy lifestyle habits. And this paper has provided us insight on six habits we should consider.

As viewers of my channel, I imagine you got the diet and exercise components covered! That’s 1/3 of the equation right there — just by being vegan and being physically-active.

And, on that note, I do wonder how much higher the survival rate would’ve been among participants had fish been eliminated from the “healthy diet” factor in the studies.

I also urge you all to quit smoking, if you do… strive to get 7 to 8 hours sleep each day, spend less than 8 hours each day sitting down.

And if you work a desk job, get up, walk around your office. Take breaks.

And, finally, get out there… see friends and family each day.

And just for a couple extra tips from separate research:

Consider consuming 3 cups of green tea each day, as a Chinese study from 2009 demonstrates that this can improve telomere length, as well as add 5 years to your lifespan!

Furthermore, at least in women, there is epidemiologic evidence that consuming a once-daily multivitamin is associated with longer telomere length. The researchers concluded this is due to the extra micronutrients being consumed via the supplement.

Just some additional ideas to consider if you want to know how you can as a vegan live longer.

Otherwise, ’til next time my friends!!!


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