VEGAN Ketogenic Day of Eating | Meals, Macros & Supplements

Haven’t done one of these in a while, so here you go.

You could say this is sort of a reaction to the Carnivore / Keto fad at the moment, which seeks to directly oppose veganism.

In any case, this video will document what I consume in a day while vegan ketogenic. For those that are unaware, ketogenic means high-fat & low-carb. And I mean low-carb, too!

Unlike Jon Venus’ attempt at vegan keto this past September, which still saw his daily carb total climb over 100 grams, which is not keto!

You see, I am no stranger to a vegan keto approach. In fact, I’ve been doing keto, off-and-on, since the Spring of 2012, back when I was still a vegetarian.

With this meal plan, I managed to get my non-fiber carb count down to 23 grams for the day, with 2,045 total calories, 136 grams of fat (~17.5 grams of which are saturated), and 153 grams of protein.

Yes, that is a decent caloric deficit for me.

And here’s what I prepared and ate to do just that.

It should be noted that I always fast at least 16 hours per day, and that includes the hours I spend sleeping each night. I’ve been following an intermittent fasting approach since early 2015, and I just prefer it.

During my fasting phase, I consume only water, tea, and/or coffee. Coffee, more so than tea, acts as an appetite suppressant. I don’t really get a stim effect from coffee. I’ve always had an odd resistance to caffeine. Same goes, frighteningly enough, for sedatives, which gave an Anesthesiologist quite the scare in my teens.

I also take a sublingual B12 liquid supplement directly upon waking, which provides me 16,667% of my daily B12 needs.

And, vegans, you GOTTA supplement B12! Ditch the hippie-dippie bullshit, and face the facts. Don’t be a stupid purist.

And do check-out my comprehensive, science-based video on B12 from this past October, where I even compare the documented B12 levels of meat eaters and vegans. You may be surprised by what you’ll learn, whether you’re a vegan or a meat eater!

I’ve linked that video below for your convenience.

At 2 PM, I had my first meal.

For this meal, I consumed approx. 212.5 grams of broccoli florets with 3 meat lover vegan burger patties by the MorningStar Farms brand. I prepared this in 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil. And I topped it off with 1 tbsp of whole flaxseeds, ground-up. And had one brazil nut.

With this meal, I supplemented with 2 vegan DHA caps from algae. And I took a vegan multi-vitamin and mineral to close any gaps potentially caused by the lack of fruit and grains. Furthermore, I took a vitamin K2 supplement @ 100 mcg from fermented soybeans, a vitamin D3 supplement @ 2,500 IU from lichen, as well as a plant-based digestive enzyme complex.

In the case of the latter, I do not have a gallbladder. I had to have mine removed back in 1998. So, with a higher-fat intake I fare better taking a digestive enzyme product.

After this, I did not eat again until my post-workout shake, which occurred around 6 PM.

However, an hour before my lifting session, I consumed a blend of beetroot powder and electrolytes in water, with a tsp of creatine monohydrate. This combination provides me a non-stop ticket to pump-city in the gym! Even when I’m depleted.

Now, onto my post-workout shake.

A really basic shake at that… literally just 1 scoop of a custom vegan protein blend consisting of 65% pea isolate, 15% hemp protein, 15% pumpkin protein, and 5% alfalfa greens protein in 20 oz of water. I also included a tsp of creatine monohydrate in this shake.

And if you check down in the description, I’ve linked to the website that I’ve been using since about 2013 to customize my protein blends. It’s called True Nutrition. And if you use code “VEGNUT5” at checkout, you’ll receive at least 5% off your purchase.

At around 9 PM, I had my final meal of the day.

For this meal, I, again, consumed approx. 212.5 grams of broccoli florets. But, this time I paired the broccoli with 451 grams of extra-firm tofu by the House Foods brand. Again, I prepared this in 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil. And I topped it off with 2 tbsps of a vegan chipotle mayo mayo by Sir Kensington’s, and a drizzle of spicy kimchi sriracha by the Wildbrine brand.

With this meal, I took another vegan vitamin D3 supplement @ 2,500 IU, as well as another digestive enzyme complex. Both of which I pictured earlier.

And that’s all she wrote!

At about 12 AM, I closed the day with 1/2 a tsp of cinnamon in 8 oz. of water right before climbing into bed for the night.

Now, there is a caveat: when I undergo any keto phase, I only do so for 6 days out of 7 each week. Once per week I re-feed with carbohydrates. This approach is called cyclic ketogenic, or CKD.

I will spare you the reasons and the science, which I’ve gone into in past videos, but long-story short: I do not recommend a straight ketogenic approach, unless of course you suffer from a medical condition such as epilepsy. And especially not for anyone physically-active. If you want more information on that, just search my videos for ketogenic topics. You’ll find plenty!

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.


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