Vegan Bodybuilding Cyclic Ketogenic EPIC REFEED Day Of Eating

I promised in my previous full-keto day of eating video that I would also be doing a video documenting a weekly carb re-feed day.

And if you haven’t seen my previous video, do yourself a favor, at least for context purposes, and check it out.

I will link it in the description below, for your convenience.

But, before I kick off with the day of eating, I thought I’d address some of the argumentative comments from my last video. And school some folks!

Michael G writes, “you do realize that fat stores into adipose tissue easier than any other macro nutrient right?”

That is a over-generalized statement.

While fat is higher in calories per gram than carbs or protein, fat will not inherently make you fat. The “fat you eat” is NOT, inherently, “the fat you wear”.

In fact in a study exploring the effects of a vegan ketogenic diet on 47 men and women, it was found that not only did they LOSE fat, despite their high-fat intake, but they also improved heart disease risk factors — something not witnessed in the comparison animal-based diet.

So… instead of worry about fat, watch your overall caloric intake, and get adequate exercise.

Phoking Vegan writes, “this diet is vegan but it’s basically shit. Intermittent fasting is Dumb, Ketogenic is dumb, and certainly not healthy. Dr. McDougall would not approve.”

Ketogenic diets are not magical. They are not superior to other diets for weight loss, but some folks just prefer them. And there is nothing inherently wrong with a vegan ketogenic diet.

It is another tool in the tool box, so-to-speak.

They have been documented to improve satiety more than nonketogenic diets.

Which, to me, is a huge plus. Especially when dieting down.

Medically-speaking, and Dr. McDougall should know this, ketogenic diets have been historically used to treat people with epilepsy, as they can help control seizures.

So, they are not “dumb”, as you would say. And, in some cases, are very medically viable.

And the vegan version, if you listened to my answer to the previous fellow, not only helps reduce body fat, but also also improves heart disease risk factors!

So, you should do your research before running your mouth about a diet being unhealthy, dumb or shit.

As for intermittent fasting check out my Durianrider response video, which I will link in the description below. I roasted him using a myriad of research papers supporting intermittent fasting for healthy hormones, longevity, fighting cancer, etc.

Way too detailed for me to want to rehash right now.

As for McDougall… I could care less what he would think.

This is a guy who, and I quote, believes that “the proper diet for human beings is based on starches.”

That is an over-generalization. I hope McDougall has since changed his tune, because just 5 years after he made that claim, results from large-scale, global research were released in the journal Nature Genetics, that showed that a good number of people, world-wide, lack sufficient copies of a specific gene that puts them at risk of weight gain from consuming starches.

These folks would do better with fruits, for instance.

Kurt Menliff writes, “this is not a ketogenic diet. It is a low carb diet.”

One of the studies in which I based my ketogenic diet set-up on was this one, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, which explored the effects of a KETOGENIC diet… and those are their words… on the strength and performance of elite gymnasts.

While my setup may not be the typical ketogenic 60-75% fat intake, instead clocking in around 55% fat intake per that JISSN study… it is certainly still a ketogenic diet.

If you disagree with that sentiment, take it up with the study authors, whose paper made it through the peer-review.

Anyhow… class dismissed… now on to the point of this video!

Before we hit up the day-of-eating, let me explain the reasoning behind this!

I’ve mentioned time and again that I am not an advocate for straight keto dieting, not unless you need to use it for medical reasons.

Rather, I advocate a CYCLIC ketogenic approach, where each week you have a timed carbohydrate re-feed. And this re-feed serves three primary purposes:

1. To refill depleted glycogen stores after at least 7 days of consecutive low-carb dieting. This is especially important for folks who train with weights, like myself.

2. To upregulate hormones and thyroid activity that are suppressed during dieting. Which can give a boost to your metabolism, which is why many people report feeling “hot” during a carb re-feed. I definitely do!

3. To provide a psychological “break” from strict dieting… and this is why I don’t necessarily eat clean on my re-feeds.

The latter is especially important for me, as 95% of the week is spent strictly dieting, and sticking to a precise meal plan.

So, the 6-8 hours per week that I let loose while using a cyclic ketogenic approach, can be spent enjoying myself with friends, family, or that special girl in my life.

People who otherwise accept and tolerate my strictness the rest of the week. Which is considered boring and too rigid by most.

And, hey, it works!

In fact, the Saturday after I released my previous ketogenic day-of-eating video, I was down about another 2/3 of a pound from the previous weekly weigh-in.

And, I am down a total of 10 1/2 pounds since just returning home from London.

So, hey… why not utilize a diet method that keeps me satiated, allows me to enjoy myself once a week, and continues to drop the pounds toward a leaner physique?

And, I must admit, that higher fat intake pushes my already robust sex drive into maximum OVERDRIVE, and my strength performance is benefiting as well.

Best yet, it is vegan… so no harm to the animals or the planet!

It’s a total win, in my eyes.

Now… the day-of-eating!

Since this was a Saturday, I had a morning fasted training session, aside from some beetroot powder, creatine and essential amino acids before hand.

I got into the gym around 10am or so, and was out about 60 or so minutes later.

At which time I consumed a soy, pea and rice blend protein shake.

When I got home, I had my typical first meal from my meal plan. Keep in mind, I was still ketogenic at this point.

This meal, as you all saw in my last video, consists of 1 pack of Beyond Meat brand veggie strips, 250 grams of spinach, which are sauteed in 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and salted to taste. I top this dish with 2 1/2 tbsp of freshly-ground flaxseeds.

From this point, I do not eat again until I begin my carb re-feed at around 4pm!

Now, keep in mind — during the carb re-feed, I only track protein intake — to ensure that I hit my daily quota.

I do not track calories, nor fat or carbs. I eat when I am hungry, but I do not stuff myself. That is key!

I stop when I am full, and eat again only when I am hungry.

And I repeat this process for 6-8 hours ONLY.

This is not a cheat day, nor is it a cheat meal… it lasts for a scheduled window of time once per week.

Anyway… I kick off at 4pm. And I begin with a fat-free, high-carb snack. I always start with something high in glucose, so candy is usually my choice, as pictured here. A selection of vegan gum drops and sour worms.

I wash this down with a huge glass of water, containing 5 grams of creatine monohydrate, and take 500mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid in veggie caps.

For those who may be wondering, Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant, which helps turn glucose into energy on the cellular level.

Perfect supplement to take kicking off a carb load, as is creatine! To augment the benefits.

Moving along, some time later, at least one to two hours after finishing with the candy, I consumed a full box of seasonal vegan granola, covered in vanilla rice milk. Just thought I’d mention, this specific meal provided me 45 grams of protein.

And with that, I sat back and enjoyed a film. I have a penchant for the horror and sci-fi genres.

Again, given some time after the granola, anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, I moved along to something a bit heavier: some homemade vegan sugar cookies baked in the form of cupcakes, topped with a heap of vegan vanilla frosting!

But, these are no ordinary sugar cookies! They have a special something on the inside!

I baked strawberry cookies into the center of them. A cookie within a cookie. Decadent as all fuck!

This is similar to the vegan oreos within chocolate chip cookie muffins I’ve documented how to make on this channel in 2015.

I will link that video in the description below, so go check it out!

Yes, I am proudly a man who likes to bake!

Finally, and after another hour or so, I moved along to my final feeding!

A big, fucking bowl of pan-fried rice, veggies, and extra-firm tofu. Chinese-style!

I took this meal slowly, as I was pretty much topped up for the day. Taking about 45 minutes to complete it.

And that was it!

About an hour later, I climbed into bed. Marking the end of one weekly cycle, and beckoning the beginning of a new one.

Anyway… while I am on the subject I’ve recently released a comprehensive, step-by-step vegan ketogenic course over at the Vegan Muscle Academy. How to customize, how to utilize, and even a science-based training protocol that I find useful in conjuction with the keto method.

If you’re interested in that, and so much more that I offer… just head on over to vegan muscle academy dot com forward-slash join dash now.

Feel free to drop comments below. And stir up dialogue.


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