Vegan Black Pill & Veganism in a Collapse

One interesting question that came up in the comments of my recent video “Taking the Black Pill” was whether I am black-pilled with regards to veganism.

The short answer is “yes”, but I thought I’d elaborate on that topic with a video, as well as discuss my views on veganism in a societal collapse or survival type scenario.

Now, if you don’t know what a “black pill” is, then please refer to my other video, which I will link below for your convenience.

My vegan black pill, as you might imagine, is that I accept that the world will NEVER be fully vegan. Probably never even close to fully vegan. Probably never even HALF vegan.

Nonetheless, I continue to do my part: following the guidelines of veganism and trying to educate whenever I can, and to whoever will listen.

And this includes opening the eyes of fellow conservatives by showing them that veganism is not solely for left-wing individuals, which hopefully will secure new converts, or at least folks willing to give it an honest go.

And hopefully this channel, and other evidence-based channels like Vegan Gains, will provide newcomers with all of the pertinent information that’d help make that “go” as successful as possible.

In my opinion, with success comes a higher likelihood of adherence.

And I feel that successful adherence to veganism requires folks to not only understand the core ethics of the movement, which are steeped in logic, but also how to obtain proper nutrition so that they do not suffer ill-health on their journey.

Now, that being said, I still view those who choose to never go vegan in the same way that I view Europeans who are pro-diversity and open borders, or folks who are smokers.

They’re choosing to continue consuming animal products despite a growing body of research data demonstrating positive health outcomes such as greater longevity, lowered risk of heart disease, and lowered risk of various cancers by going vegan.

They’re choosing to continue consuming animal products despite knowing the documented impact that their choices have on sentient animals, natural resources, and the environment.

And I’ve covered all of those outcomes and repercussions in great detail on this channel many times before, and I’ve always cited my references.

At the end of the day, they’ll really only have themselves to blame for any negative outcomes that surface in their lives as a result of their blatantly poor choices.

Some people only learn when it’s too late.

I will admit, I find it extra-hypocritical when someone claims to care about animal welfare, or the environment, or their health and fitness, yet they continue on a non-vegan path. In the case of the latter two, I’d strongly advise that you don’t even take health or fitness advice from a non-vegan.

But, alas, those people, their lives, and their choices are not my business. I have no control over what someone else puts into their mouths, nor do I want that kind of control or responsibility over another adult. I have my own life to deal with.

That is something I think a lot of vegans would do well to realize. It might lower their stress levels. Remember, control what you can, and accept what you cannot.

Yes, the animals don’t get any say, I realize that. And that truly sucks a droopy, sweaty, hairy, lice-infested ballsac, but the law is on their side — not the animals’. No matter how unjust you find that to be. And just as I don’t see the world going vegan, I can’t see the laws changing in favor of the animals either. At least not to the point of ENFORCING veganism, that is.

Again, control what you can, and accept what you cannot.

All any of us can do is our OWN part. Take responsibility for ourselves, and don’t personally-contribute to the problem. Try to remain logically-consistent and try to lead by example, and educate.

Logic, education, and leading by example are the best tools to make a positive impact in my opinion. Whereas I don’t feel that threatening and berating people, for example, is going to do veganism or the animals any favors. In fact, it is more likely to put people off veganism if they think vegans are all few fucks short of a whore house.

It’s truly sad, but the behavior of the few… granted, the loudest and most unstable few… can paint a broad stroke over the majority. Something to keep in mind when planning your own method of activism, even if that’s just making a statement by wearing a vegan tank top while crushing PRs in the gym. Believe me, that definitely opens dialogue! Over and over.

Of course, all of this doesn’t include those who have a valid medical condition, such as a nickel allergy or beta carotene allergy, and therefore cannot be vegan. And do correct me if I am wrong with regards to those conditions. I am not a doctor, but I had researched them quite extensively after seeing them mentioned in my comments over the years, in trying to find a solution. I even did a video about nickel allergy.

Unfortunately, those folks seem to have no choice but to consume a diet containing some animal products. Even if that shortens their lifespan or lowers their quality of life in the long run. But, I suppose, by not doing so, they’re putting themselves at an immediate risk due to their condition. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I really do pity them. In fact, the girl who inspired my nickel allergy video wants to be a vegan.

As for veganism during a societal collapse or some extreme survival scenario… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: all bets are off!

In a TRUE survival scenario, where it is actually kill or be killed, especially if society as we know it has fallen, and there is epic chaos abound… you do what you need to do to ensure your survival and the survival of those you care about. Even if that requires forfeiting veganism. Even if that also requires hunting and killing fellow human beings for sustenance.

Again, we’re talking a TRUE, widespread, “shit’s-hit-the-fan” scenario here. Not a “it’s just too ‘hard’ to be vegan while vacationing in such and such location” or some other such nonsense. That just constitutes excuse-making, laziness, and/or a lack of planning. Don’t be a pussy!

Back in 2014 I had spent 10 days vacationing on the beautiful island of Santorini. Oia, more specifically. It was not an incredibly vegan-friendly vacation spot. But, I did my research in advance and made it work. Instead of waiting until I got there, and winging it.

I ended up living off of nuts, seeds, fruit, veggies, fava beans, and a protein powder that I had packed for the trip. Most of the restaurants in Satorini, as you’d imagine, are centered around seafood. And I couldn’t find any tofu or soy milk in the local shops. But, I knew all of that before I even flew out of JFK, and I prepared accordingly.

I love fava beans, by the way. Just putting that out there. And, apparently, though I have no point of reference to support this as I’ve only had fava in Santorini, the volcanic conditions of that island make their fava beans extra-delicious.

Back to the topic, if you’re the type who’s more likely to survive a “shit’s-hit-the-fan” scenario, then you’re also the type who understands the value of adapting, planning and strategy, and wouldn’t shy away from a challenge. You’d face it, and grow from it. Again, you wouldn’t be a little bitch about it and make excuses.

So, going back to what I said before, I’d even eat people in a true collapse. All bets would literally be off. When it is kill or be killed, survival of the fittest, etc.

This is why I lovingly refer to the far-left, such as socialists or members of AntiFa, as “food-tier” or “prey-tier” people. Feel free to hashtag those terms, by the way.

Those bottom-feeders will provide a plentiful source of sustenance if our typical food supply were to deplete or become inaccessible. And there’s not a damn thing they’d be able to do about it either.

They’re slow, either over- or under- weight, typically nonathletic, weak, cowardly, non-competitive, etc.

Easy-friggin’-targets. But, would you honestly expect anything more from socialists?

Just trigger them in some manner, perhaps by assuming their gender, displaying your toxic masculinity, or by just brandishing some sort of high-testosterone weapon, like a crossbow, and then give them a lesson in the reality of “equality”.

Dinner will be served!

No safe space to run to. No nanny government to protect them, despite their ironic cries about how much they dislike law enforcement.

They simply are not prepared or capable of protecting themselves in any effective way. And they only have themselves to blame for that.

But, for now, I am vegan because it makes the most sense, it appears to be the healthiest path, and there is no legitimate excuse for me not to be.

Anyhow, stir up discussion in the comments below.



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