The TRUTH About Gun Violence in the US?

This topic doesn’t have anything to do with veganism, but is more of my thoughts on a particularly hot topic at the moment: gun control in the US.

Specifically in the wake of the recent Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre in Parkland, Florida.

First of all, I am pro Second Amendment. Just so you understand my stance.

However, I also agree that people with violent criminal records or mental illnesses shouldn’t be able to obtain firearms under any circumstances.

And under U.S. Code, Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 44, section 922, for instance, selling or disposing of a firearm to a mentally-ill individual is considered unlawful!

But, it just needs to be properly enforced. Everywhere. No exceptions.

That being said, no matter what controls or even bans you have in place, shit will still happen. Criminals will still obtain deadly weapons, and commit heinous acts of violence.

Like the Bataclan Theatre massacre in Paris in 2015.

France being a country with some of the most stringent firearm laws in all of Europe!

And that’s but ONE occurrence among many!

So, ultimately, it is my opinion that gun bans or controls are but a bandage — and DON’T solve the ROOT issue.

Because bad or troubled people will ALWAYS find a way to do horrible things, if they so desire.

Even with knives, as we’ve seen in China… or vehicles, as we’ve seen a number of times in Europe in recent years, compliments of the ‘religion of peace’.

Should we ban everything? On that note, can we ban Islam?

I could technically kill someone with a belt or a wooden pencil… should we also outlaw those items?

Disarming good citizens isn’t a solution, as it only weakens us as a society; making us sitting ducks, who are dependent on a ‘nanny government’ to protect us, giving criminals the upper-hand.

Like in home invasion scenarios, which are more common than you think!

Did you know that in the UK, for instance, a violent burglary occurs every 30 minutes?!

Guess what the UK also has? Incredibly strict gun and self-defense laws! So if your home is invaded, you’re pretty much a sitting duck!

As one Bramhall, UK man learned in 2012, when he feared for his life, and stabbed one of two armed home invaders with a kitchen knife in self-defense. Yet HE ended up arrested, spending 24 hours in jail, and 3 weeks on bail. Now he suffers from PTSD.

So… you better PRAY that the authorities arrive in time… or, that you can even manage to contact them in the first place!

Because you don’t have the right to an equalizer like a firearm, or possibly even basic self-defense to protect yourself, your family, and/or your property as it appears.

In the case of the latter, a jury and judge will decide your fate relative to what they consider to be a reasonable mode of action given your situation.

Worse yet, London police have received heat that even for the most urgent 999 calls, they’ve failed to respond within 15 minutes!

Even in the US, the average police response time is 11 minutes in general, or up to 9 minutes for emergencies.

So, yeah, I’d like to keep the firearm rights and current self-defense laws that we have in the US.

In the US we have stand-your-ground and castle laws, the former which does not require you to attempt retreat before retaliating with force against threats or perceived threats. The latter allowing you to defend your property with force.

Because a whole-fucking-lot can happen in 9-fucking-minutes!

Then again, I am not the “dependent” type, and prefer to take care of shit myself wherever possible. Not wait… or hope… for someone ELSE to come save me or those I care about.

Now… let me explain my theory.

Many Liberals love to bang on and on about gun controls, or even BANS every time one of these tragedies occur on US soil. And this recent Florida incident is no different.

Like clockwork, they’re out crying the same cries once again.

As I said, bans or controls don’t address a ROOT problem. A problem that is only getting worse, especially the more degenerate and “loose” we become as a society. The more fucked-up shit we accept, and embrace as a “normal” part of life — at least when it’s not affecting us personally.

And the more that healthy, conservative, traditional family values are eroded, and replaced by hedonism, nihilism, cultural Marxism, etc. Without much thought or care for the future.

Basically, the calling cards of the FAR-left. Especially the Authoritarian-Left.

Want to see some evidence of this decline?

Despite the right to own firearms in the United States being in existence since 1791, we’ve only seen a spike in school shooting incidents leading to injury or death since the 1960s into the 70s, and getting progressively worse from there.

So, it’s a relatively RECENT upward trend!

Fancy that… shit got worse around the time traditional family values starting taking a hit. A time when peace, drugs and free love became the cultural modus operandi. With pursuits of pleasure over responsibility. Degeneracy over morality.

Basically, it all started with hedonistic, “me, me, me” Baby Boomers coming of age.

And mental illness has also been on a parallel rise, as statistics demonstrate.

Sure, this is all correlative, but as I said — this is just my theory. Going by the data that I’ve discovered.

I definitely want to do more research into this topic, to either confirm or deny my current views.

But, to summarize: I think people are wasting too much time focusing on gun control, or even over-turning the Second Amendment.

Instead, we should be focusing on how to TREAT a REAL, root cause that is only getting worse: mental illness!

I feel that a return to healthy, traditional, conservative values… values that BUILT the West into a strong empire… are imperative, and would play a huge role in combatting the issue.

Values that have been on a decline since the mid-1940s, but are positioned to make a comeback with Generation Z apparently. Which is refreshing to read.

A decline that coincides with the rise in mental illness and atrocious acts like school shootings, as I previously demonstrated using statistics.

I strongly believe that children should be raised within strong, healthy, loving, nurturing, COMPLETE family units. As they once generally were.

This also means people need to take REAL, meaningful action. Because talk is cheap, and it doesn’t make you virtuous.

For instance, if you know of a child or teen who is troubled or suffering: help them, or find qualified help for them. At the very least be there for them! Whether you’re an adult or one of their peers.

Many of these school shooters turn out to be intensely-troubled, ostracized individuals. Filled with anger and resentment.

Apathy will do nothing but perpetuate the ever-growing issue.

And if you are a parent, invest in your children. They’re not a fucking accessory.

Be a good, dependable parent, who is a present and active part of the child’s life. Be a good role model. And raise the child properly, with good values. Help nurture their self-esteem.

Prepare them to be responsible, capable adults of the world, instead of allowing them to degenerate into the helpless, whiny victim-hood common amongst millennials… who are no more than children in adults’ bodies.

Try to combat childish entitlement, by reinforcing healthy responsibility. For instance, teaching them that if they want something — they need to work for it. Earn it. And, in turn, they’ll value it more. And develop a sense of accomplishment in the process.

And that’s just scratching the surface, really. I could get into the issues I see with social media as well, but I really just wanted to touch on the topic for now, share my thoughts, and open dialogue.

On that note, I’d love to hear what you all think. Whether you agree, disagree, have anything to add — and why.



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