The TRUTH About Black Genetics Part 2! (SCIENCE)

First, if you haven’t seen part 1 of this video — definitely go and check it out. It is still getting views a few months later, and even inciting controversy in the comments.

I’ve linked to it below for your convenience.

I mean, how dare anyone demonstrate — using hard science — that there are INDEED biological and physiological differences between the races.

Because that challenges the far-left’s “beautiful lie” about equality.

In any case, that first video looked at the average testosterone levels among Blacks compared to other races, as well as bone density, plus two distinct proteins that significantly affect muscle building.

This video is going to address another element I never considered before, that was brought to my attention by a viewer, and was a worthy point for investigation.

Do Blacks possess a different muscle fiber composition than Whites or other races?

It turns out non-Hispanic Black subjects appear to have a greater percentage of type II skeletal muscle fibers.

Specifically, Black Africans have a greater number of Type IIa muscle fibers, and Whites a higher number of Type I. This led researchers to conclude that Blacks are better equipped for sporting events of shorter duration.

Some of you may be asking… what affect does fiber composition have?

Type I fibers, which Whites possess more of, are known as “slow twitch” muscle fibers. Whereas Type II fibers, which Blacks possess more of, are known as “fast twitch” muscle fibers.

Endurance athletes tend to possess greater amounts of Type I muscle fibers, whereas strength and power athletes tend to possess greater amounts of Type IIa muscle fibers.

Finally, “fast twitch” Type II fibers tend to be better suited to gaining size.

However, as demonstrated by the study by Ama et al. (alia) that I shared previously, while the differences between Type I and Type IIa fibers are significant between Blacks and Whites, they are not grossly disproportionate.

Furthermore, Type IIb fiber make up doesn’t appear to be significantly different between Blacks and Whites.

Ergo, we cannot look solely at muscle fiber type to conclude why, as I demonstrated in my first video on this topic, Blacks generally have 5–7% greater body protein content than do whites.

Rather, we need to consider all of the elements I’ve discussed in these two videos, possibly even elements I’ve yet to read about.

I feel the sum is clearly greater than the parts.

Anyway, do let me know what you all think in the comments below.

It was because of discussion after my previous video that I was inspired to do this one.


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