When Is It OK To Kill? (A Vegan Perspective)

Recently, while mentioning my mosquito bites in video at least two viewers asked me if I kill mosquitoes, or if killing mosquitoes is vegan.

This actually inspired me to do a broader video on the subject of WHEN it is appropriate to actually kill. At least MY thoughts on the matter, as an ethical vegan.

You can apply this to mosquitoes, animals, humans, whatever.

If you’ve been consistently watching my channel for a while, then you likely know that I am a martial artist. A topic which I’ve discussed in more than one video.

So, as you probably assume, I am a strong advocate of self-defense and the defense of others.

I am also of the opinion that responsible people should be allowed to own weapons, and that in self-defense scenarios necessary force should be utilized to neutralize a threat.

This includes the use of lethal force, if a particular situation justifies that end.

Either by empty-hand or by arming oneself.

But the key words are necessary and justified.

If someone is merely pushing you around, or engaging in a fist fight… that does not justify beating them to death, stabbing or shooting them.

Now, let’s explore killing with a bit more depth.

Yes, I kill mosquitos. I do not go out of my way to hunt them down and take them out, but if they land on me, or are in my home… I will swat them.

I view that as self-defense.

The same would go for animals, in the RARE occurrence that myself or someone that I love or care about is under brutal attack BY an animal.

And that is quite rare! You are statistically more likely to be killed by an infected mozzie or fellow human than, say… a croc, a wolf, a lion, or a shark.

Now, if an animal can be repelled or frightened off, that is optimal. And, of course, you should not provoke an attack. I view that as a form of cruelty to animals, and you’d be getting what is coming to you.

But, lets say that I am hiking, and a bear, for instance, viciously attacks me or someone that I love, seemingly out-of-nowhere… then, force… up to lethal force… should be utilized.

However, I DO NOT approve of revenge killings of animals, or whatever you’d wish to call that. In other words, hunting an animal down AFTER an unfortunate, violent event has occurred, to take its life.

I am purely talking heat-of-the-moment self-defense from harm or death.

However, my view on that matter is quite a bit different with humans. Given their higher level of thinking, decision-making, and reasoning abilities. Something animals simply do not possess.

In the case of violent human offenders, I do think it is acceptable to track them down and stop them after the fact… either by a swift bullet to the head, or imprisonment. Depending on the crime and motive, of course.

A swift bullet to the head being the quickest and most affordable.

To clarify what I meant by crime or motive… was it a one-off situation? Perhaps a distraught father who tracked down and killed the rapist and murderer of his daughter. An otherwise sane man who was simply driven over the edge.

Or was it a potential repeat-offender. Someone who simply derives a sense of pleasure from the horrific crimes they commit. Someone who, if left to their own devices, will likely continue to commit violent crimes.

The latter is, obviously, a high-risk case. And should be neutralized immediately.

So, yes, as a vegan, I do believe that there is a time to harm or to kill. I do believe that we have a right to defend our lives, our bodies, or the lives and bodies of others.

Especially as a husband, boyfriend or father. As men we SHOULD protect our significant other and children. Even so far as putting our own lives in jeopardy.

Anyhow… what are your thoughts on this matter? Please drop them below and stir up dialogue.

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