THIS Can Instantly Attract A Woman! (And Research Proves It)

I got some interesting research to share this week. It relates to fragrances, hormones, and ultimately sexual attraction.

And I feel that it’s something that both men and women who watch my channel may be able to put to use in their lives.

Some of you may remember that last April I had done a video reviewing research that found, in a nutshell, that healthy young men who do not consume meat smell more pleasant, more attractive, and less intense to women. Not really the best of news for carnivores.

I’ve linked that video below if you want the full details, including study design.

In any case, this video will also explore smell, but in relation to hormones, and ultimately, sexuality. However, it doesn’t have to do with diet this time around.

Japanese researchers got 16 healthy students, half of which were male, the other half female, to smell three fragrances commonly used in popular cosmetics. They then measured their effects on cortisol and testosterone both before and after testing. The three fragrances used were rose, floral and musk. There was also a control experiment which had students smell samples that did not contain any fragrance.

It is worth noting that the testosterone metabolite and pheromone androstenol is responsible for producing a musky smell in the body odor of men.

What the researchers found was that all three fragrances lowered cortisol levels in both the male and female test subjects. However, the smell of musk doubled the testosterone levels of the female test subjects, while it lowered the testosterone levels of the male test subjects — but not by as much as it had increased the female levels. The opposite occurred with the floral scent, but without quite the level of significance. In men, the floral scent raised testosterone levels, whereas it lowered them slightly in the females. Rose, on the other hand, didn’t have any noticeable impact on male testosterone, but it did significantly lower testosterone levels in women.

For those wondering, musk is used in the popular ‘Axe’ fragrance, while “floral” is used in the popular ‘Chanel 22’. In fact, the floral scent the researchers used was a blend of alcohol, linalool, and jasmine, as apparently found in ‘Chanel 22’.

The researchers concluded that given the strong hormonal responses to the different fragrances, that it is quite possible that they can, in turn, influence human sexual behavior.

My own takeaway was that women would do well in attracting men by wearing a “floral” fragrance, but not a standalone rose scent.

Whereas men would do well in attracting women by wearing a musk-inclusive fragrance.

And this study certainly lends credence to the catch phrase “Axe Effect”, which claims that men who spray themselves down with Axe deodorant will attract hordes of women.

You do need to consider the testosterone-lowering effect of musk fragrance on the men in the study, however. I mean, would a man not inevitably be left smelling his own fragrance during the course of wearing it?

Then again, the amount of decline wasn’t all too steep, whereas the positive impact it had on the females was absolutely noteworthy. Pros and cons, right?

For the guys that are interested, I’ve put a product link in the description below to the current Axe body spray ‘musk’ product. It’s a pack of 6, so it should last you a while.

Just keep in mind, as with having a good body, smelling pleasant can draw positive attention your way, but if you lack the confidence and personality to maintain that attention and take it to the next level… don’t expect success!

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