The TRUTH About Veganism & Mental Illness (SCIENCE!)

“Veganism causes mental illness.” Or something along those lines.

An attack I see surface again and again. Not only in my own comments, but in the comments left on other channels, whether they’re vegan channels, or just channels that offer content discussing veganism.

And that brings me to this video: is there any truth to the statement? Does veganism CAUSE mental illness? Or is it merely correlation?

And how mentally-ill are vegans anyway?

Let’s find out!

A paper published earlier this year DOES show that vegans and vegetarians are 67% more likely to have an EPDS score of 10 or higher.

EPDS stands for “Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale”, which detects depression. And scoring 12 or higher means that there’s a good chance you’re suffering from depression.

Why might this be?

One proposed possibility is a deficiency in omega-3-fatty acids, or even an imbalance in the ratio between omega-6-fatty acids and omega-3-fatty acids.

Another proposed possibility is a deficiency in vitamin B12 and iron.

And the EPIC-Oxford cohort study has found that 52% of vegans have a vitamin B12 deficiency!

Unsurprisingly, though, that same paper also found that over 95% of vegans who did NOT take a B12 supplement FAILED to meet their daily requirement for the vitamin.

And I recently did a comprehensive video about B12, linked below, and the brutal truth about vegans who DON’T supplement with the vitamin, and attempt to get it solely from specific nutritional sources: such as nori or mushrooms.

Anyone who watches this channel knows that I advocate the use of nutritional supplements such as B12. I also advocate getting daily ALA from at least 1 tbsp of whole flax seeds, ground up, as well as at least 600 mg, per day, of DHA and EPA from an algae source.

I do NOT condone purist, hippie-dippie bullshit.

And to make it really, REALLY easy for you, I have linked to precise products that I trust and use in this video’s description. I urge you to ensure that you supplement with those, or products of a similar quality.

I’ve said it before, it is asinine to approach your nutrition incorrectly, and when you suffer the inevitable consequences of doing so, blame veganism instead of taking personal responsibility.

A dietary approach which even leading dietitians agree is appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, so long as appropriately-planned. Keywords: “appropriately-planned”.

Now, with all that out of the way, I do want to add a bit of personal commentary and theory — coming from observation and experience with the vegan community.

I do think there is a bit of the old “chicken and egg” to consider too.

Is it that veganism inherently CAUSES mental illness, or is it that veganism ATTRACTS people who have existing mental illness, or a predisposition to mental illness?

Let’s put aside for the moment potential nutritional causality, as you can often circumvent those issues, for example, by just taking a supplement: like B12.

I honestly don’t think veganism is inherently to blame. When you control for nutritional deficiencies, that is.

In fact, the Seventh Day Adventist study found that even when EPA and DHA levels are low, so long as ALA levels are high, vegetarians have lower overall scores for depression, anxiety, and stress than do omnivores!

I think it boils down to troubled people being drawn to movements like veganism which provide them a greater sense of self-importance. Or another means by which to virtue signal and act all sanctimonious.

And a recent meta-analysis has shown that virtue signalling tends to be used as a coping mechanism by people who feel guilt for their own wrongdoings in a particular area. And the harder that they virtue-signal, the more guilty they tend to be of a particular trespass.

For example, those who cry “racist” tend to actually be racists themselves. Maybe they hide it well from the public, but if only the four walls of their homes could speak…

Something to consider the next time you encounter one of these types, even here on the interwebs.

In fact, there’s a particular fellow that comes to mind, I think his name is Jack if I recall correctly.

Jack is a former drug-addict and Bernie-Sanders-supporting liberal who used to follow me and my channel, who made it clear he was opposed to racism by publicly virtue-signalling on Facebook a couple years back.

Well, this same guy, in a private video chat with a friend of mine from around the same time period, lovingly-referred to his black dog using a particular racial epithet in combination with the word “bitch”. I’ll let you use your imagination. Nonetheless, I bet he’d love footage of that “accidentally” getting leaked…

And if he’s watching this right now, he may be suddenly feeling the urge to shit himself!

And you’ll see this with self-proclaimed “feminists” as well, like Jordan Hunt, featured here, who kicked pro-life activist Marie-Claire Bissonnette at a protest this past September. Though, this beta douche nozzle claims he “meant to kick her phone”.

A likely story, given that Jordan is reported by authorities as having assaulted women before, including shoving one into a pole!

And Jordan is by far NOT the only example of so-called “feminists” whose actions are in direct-conflict with their proclaimed beliefs.

You see, their own deep-seated guilt lends them to these displays of moral outrage, a.k.a. virtue-signalling.

Perhaps, veganism similarly offers some sort of comfort to mentally-deranged and/or morally-corrupt individuals.

Perhaps they feel, deep down inside, that they are such abhorrent people, and dislike themselves so intensely, that they seek to position themselves within particular movements, such as veganism, as a “mask” of sorts, to compensate for their own guilt and self-loathing.

This is likely why they are typically the most preachy, judgmental, and loudest within the community. It’s like they’re trying to shout: “hey, look at me, I’m a vegan! I am better than you. You’re a piece of shit!”

Absolutely reeks of insecurity, and does zero favors for veganism.

And for those who understand the psychology behind virtue-signalling, these insufferables are displaying their true natures in full-HD.

Or maybe the political ideological make-up of the vegan community has something to do with it.

A Gallup poll, released this past August, demonstrates that liberals are 2.5 times more likely to be vegan than conservatives.

And conservative adults, aged 18 and older, report far better mental health than liberals, and income, education, gender, age, church attendance, race, marital status, and child status were all controlled for.

That was ascertained from another Gallup poll, with a sample size of 4,014, which was conducted over the course of 4 years.

Granted, that’s correlation not causation. The researchers cannot determine whether being conservative causes a person to become more mentally-healthy, or whether being more mentally-healthy causes a person to become more conservative, etc. But, just something else to consider.

Anyway, do leave your thoughts and comments below.

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