Carnivores postulate about a so-called “vegan agenda”, while, seemingly, making it their mission in life, or at least here on the interwebs, to obsesses and pour vitriol over our community. All in attempts to destroy the movement.

The vegan agenda is, indeed, made to sound quite nefarious. Like some means of population control with the end-goal of world dominance for someone or some group, such as a one-world government.

This video is, at least in part, a quick response to that conspiracy theory. But, I also hope that it will be generally informative and motivational, especially for any vegan activist or advocate who may end up watching. So, do let me know what you think after watching.

First, I want to point out recent news such as the EU proposing a food-labeling regulation that would require “veggie burgers”, for example, to be renamed “veggie discs”. A regulation which had passed with an 80% approval rating! The reason given for this regulation was, and I quote, “people need to know what they are eating.”

And in Mississippi, it was recently made illegal — yes, ILLEGAL — for vegan and vegetarian food companies to use terms like “burger” or “bacon” on their products; out of fear that it will cause customer confusion between meat alternatives and ACTUAL meat.

Anyone noticing a trend here? I’ll elucidate in a moment.

Furthermore, something similar has happened in Arkansas, with their recent “Arkansas Act 501”, also known as the “truth in labeling” law.

A law which has prompted both Tofurky and the ACLU to sue the Arkansas Bureau of Standards.

What all of this tells me is that IF there really IS some sort of “agenda”, it certainly ain’t on the side of vegans! In fact, the “powers that be” appear to be very much working AGAINST vegans, not in cahoots!

It also tells me that government officials must think that the people under their jurisdictions are REALLY fucking stupid!

Listen, if you go into a store, and you see this product, for example, that VERY clearly displays the words “plant-based ground” and “plant protein”, but you still believe that you’d be buying a meat product… then you possess a level of dumb that is beyond any hope of repair.

Especially if you simply turn the product over, you’ll see NOTHING pertaining to meat among the list of ingredients.

Now, for my own sanity, I refuse to believe that the average American, who I share land and air with, is actually as stupid as the government must think they are.

But, back to agendas.

Why can’t the “vegan agenda” be as simple as trying one’s best to avoid harming, commodifying, and exploiting sentient animals wherever possible and practicable? As stated so very clearly by the Vegan Society.

In any case, I came across a news article about two weeks ago that will likely piss off carnivores and anti-vegans. As it flies right in the face of their own efforts.

The article shined some light on current consumer buying habits with regards to plant-based burger sales, such as Burger King’s “Impossible Whopper” and White Castle’s “Impossible Slider”, both of which use the “Impossible Burger”, by Impossible Foods, which is pictured here, as their base.

The news article references a recent press release published by The NPD Group, which is an American market research company that has been in operation since the mid-60’s.

What The NPD Group found was that plant-based burger orders were up by 10% from the previous year. The data also shows that 95% of these plant-based buyers had also purchased a beef burger within the past year. What this demonstrates is that a chunk of the U.S. population is attempting to include more plant-based protein into their diets, despite consuming meat. And the reasons cited by The NPD Group were “concerns for animal welfare and how meat products are brought to market, sustainability, and what they perceive to be healthier nutrition”.

What’s more, in a story just published by Reuters, the brand Beyond Meat’s shares have been trading UP 3%. And they’ve surged over 780% since the IPO in May. Furthermore, net revenue grew to $67.3 million in the quarter ending June 29th, which is about 24% higher than Wall Street had predicted, and they expect it to rise to $240 million before the end of 2019!

That’s quite impressive growth for a vegan food brand! And I am sure it is propelled by Beyond Meat’s availability at many restaurants, including major chains.

But, while vegans and vegetarians have certainly contributed to the growth of plant-based alternatives, remember that we only represent a small percentage of the U.S. population.

3%, to be precise, at least here in the U.S., according to a 2018 Gallup poll. Which equates to 9,816,000 people who identified as a vegan in the U.S. as of 2018.

And, while I obviously advocate for full-commitment to veganism, it is at least nice to see that many people are, indeed, lowering the demand for animal products using their purchasing power, while subsequently increasing the demand for plant-based alternatives, and as such… the supply!

That is, at least, a step in the right direction.

It is nice to think that people may actually be listening to what vegans have to say, even if they’re not fully on-board with veganism as lifestyle. At least not yet.

It means that something we are doing IS working, on some level.

This tells me that we, vegans, should continue to advocate and educate. That we are clearly getting through, even if it may appear slow. But, we are getting through nonetheless.

I feel we should let this data serve as an inspiration rather than viewing it as “glass-half-empty”, or some such.

In my opinion, we should be leading by example. And that, of course, means setting a GOOD example. An example that people would want to follow.

In my opinion, following unhealthy fads, such as high-carb-low-fat or fruitarian, and looking worse for wear because of it, is NOT setting a good example.

Looking and acting like a psychotic skeleton with an eating disorder, that is pissed off that he wasn’t cast in ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, is NOT setting a good example.

And our behavior and/or methodologies ARE very important, too. In other words, HOW we go about advocating can be either efficacious or destructive.

For example, publicly acting like an insufferable twat who forgot their meds is NOT setting a good example.

And I’ve seen this sort of shit constantly on social media, for instance, publicly wishing death or other nasty outcomes on people who eat meat. Yeah, that’s NOT setting a good example, and may actually be ILLEGAL depending on where you live.

So, in summary, I advise that you look AND be healthy. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to be jacked like a German tank, but at least don’t look as though you’re knockin’ loudly on Heaven’s door, for fuck’s sake! All whilst bragging that you haven’t brushed your bloody teeth in 2 fucking years.

Also, act sane and mature. Be as rational as possible. Educate rather than threaten. And this means you’ll need to educate YOURSELVES first!

There is a lot of hippy-dippy nonsense circulating the vegan community. The sort of shit that will get people asking what you’ve been smoking rather than asking you for more information about your diet and lifestyle.

Anyhow, leave your thoughts and comments below.


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