The TRUTH About Natty vs Enhanced Muscle Growth (JUST PUBLISHED!)

I’m a bit short on time this week “because… life”, but I still wanted to produce a video. Something quick, something fun, something interesting. At least in my opinion.

We all know that steroids can help you build more muscle and strength than going the natural, drug-free route.

But, just how much MORE muscle and strength can a steroid user actually gain compared to their drug-free counterpart over a set period of time?

This video tackles that question for the curious minds in the audience, by examining a study that was JUST published.

Literally, it was just published earlier THIS month in the European Journal of Sport Science. So, it is fresh!

A group of Brazilian researchers took 30 recreational male bodybuilders, who had been training for at least 3 years, and divided them into four different groups: the first group only trained with multiple joint exercises. The second group trained with a combination of the same multiple joint exercises, but also added some single joint work.

Groups three and four mirrored the training protocols of groups one and two respectively, but those men were also dosed 600 mg of testosterone as well as 200 mg of stanozolol per week.

This study lasted eight weeks.

Both before and after that eight-week period, the researchers measured the participants’ 10-rep-maxes on select exercises, as well as the size of their upper arms.

All four groups consumed the same amount of protein per day, which was 2.5 to 3 grams of protein / kg of body weight, or about 1.13 to 1.36 grams of protein / lb.

Now… it’s time for the results!

Obviously, when it came to both size AND strength, the enhanced participants experienced disproportionately greater gains than the naturals.

For example, after the 8 week study period:

The naturals’ bench pressing strength had improved by approx. 7%, whereas the steroid users’ had improved by approx. 23%! In other words, those who were given gear experienced more-than-TRIPLE the strength gains on their bench press than those who were drug-free!

And the naturals’ leg pressing strength had improved by approx. 8-to-9%, whereas the steroid users’ had improved by approx. 17%! In other words, those who were given gear experienced around DOUBLE the strength gains on their leg press than those who were drug-free!

As for muscle growth, the enhanced participants gained at least DOUBLE-the-size compared to the drug-free participants in their biceps and triceps, in both their flexed and relaxed measurements.

Unfortunately, the researchers did not measure any other muscles besides the biceps and triceps.

Hey, no study is absolutely perfect, but this still gives us something to go on.

Now, I want to point out, if you refer back to the results that I had just shared, you will notice that baseline measurements were similar. So, the massive disparity in outcomes appears to be an effect of doping vs. not doping, as opposed to some folks just starting out stronger or bigger than the others.

Or even, as I had mentioned earlier, consuming more protein than others.

This study is certainly proving the obvious, but it also provides us with some hard data in just how effective steroid use actually is.

And it serves to drive home the deceptive nature of these “fake natty” fitness personalities who are selling you a lie, or rather, selling you products and services WITH a lie.

As they clearly have a massive advantage over their clean fan-base who they’re actively deceiving for a living. Who, without drugs, will never, EVER achieve the results that they have.

At this point, I do want to make it clear that I am not endorsing steroid use!

And I am not saying that as a disclaimer for the purposes of YouTube, but rather from a strong personal viewpoint.

Anyone who is very familiar with my work on this channel will know that I preach the natural route for longevity and health. Always have!

I do not personally believe in so blatantly risking one’s health in the pursuit of size, strength, and/or being ridiculously diced. At least not casually.

Professionally-speaking, such as with Hollywood actors who need to get jacked quickly for a multi-million dollar role, well… that’s their choice.

Perhaps to them, their career is more important than their long-term health.

But, how many people are actually highly-paid professional actors, or, say, professional WWE wrestlers, or pro Football players, etc.?

Versus just being your average dude who wants to look good on the beach? Or have some useful, real-world strength and fitness? And aren’t expecting some massive paycheck for it?

In any case, I’ve done a handful of videos discussing the myriad documented negative health effects from steroid use. Just search my channel content for the word “steroids”, and you’ll certainly find them.

This video was just for educational purposes. To satisfy curiosity, if you will.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.


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