The Truth About Modern Men (Nu-Males, Soy Boys, Soy Face, Cucks)

First off — yeah, I used “soy boy” and “soy face” in the video title as keywords.

I am using the terms in the meme sense, as you all know my science-based stance on soy.

So… I thought this would be an interesting video to do for a couple of reasons.

One, it really shines some light upon the ever-increasing sad state of affairs of men in Western society, and really demonstrates how and why shit is spiraling south.

If we know what a problem is — we can start taking action to solve it.

Two, it should also serve as a confidence-booster, of sorts, for the men who watch my channel, use my training programs, and apply my recommendations and advice.

Perspective is always nice!

For instance, when I was 17, I was admitted to hospital for emergency gallbladder removal. I was frightened, you know, because surgery sucks — and it was my first. And it all happened so fast.

But, when I realized that in that same ward there were kids suffering cancer… perspective hit me. While my situation sucked, I realized it could be MUCH worse, so I checked my attitude.

I often get comments under my videos or in my live streams from guys who watch my channel, and feel like they’re bad with women.

Perhaps the dose of perspective this video offers will help you realize that if you lift, you already have a significant edge in at least one area… and you’re more of a commodity than you may realize.

Keep in mind, according to the CDC, only 21.7% of U.S. adults get AT LEAST the daily recommended amount of aerobic and resistance exercise.

You know, just the BASIC amount! Let alone enough to transform their bodies into strong and sculpted performance machine!

On that note, I guess there is a third reason for this video… for the ladies watching this: be MORE selective!

Don’t let these modern, nu-male ‘pussy-boys’ have even a remote shot at breeding. I mean, why would you want to dilute your genetics in the next generation by mixing with these limp-wristed twats?

One way to remove a disease is to prevent it from multiplying and spreading.

Anyhow, it should come as no shock, but a 2018 study from Finland discovered that the fitness levels among young men are in decline.

The study examined fitness test results of 627,142 men, aged between 18 and 20 years, who entered into military service between the years of 1975 and 2015. What they found was men are significantly fatter, with significantly lower aerobic capacity, and significantly poorer muscular fitness.

I remind you, these are not just ANY men, but men fucking enlisting in the military! Their primary function will be to serve and protect their country! How’s that for helping you sleep soundly at night?

I shudder to think what your AVERAGE man’s fitness levels are by comparison.

Unfortunately, this decline in physical fitness is not exclusive to men, and it’s a global problem!

Furthermore, it isn’t just affecting physical fitness either.

I’ve discussed in previous videos that male testosterone levels have been plummeting, on average, by about 1% per year since the 1980s.

Ergo, men today have 31% lower testosterone than men did in 1987, on average.

Furthermore, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis out of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the sperm counts among men in developed Western nations have dropped by 50-60% since 1973!

That’s about 84 million LESS sperm present in the semen of your average guy since ’73.

And the researchers controlled for data such as:

1. Age.

2. How long it had been since a man last ejaculated before providing a sperm sample.

3. Whether semen collection and counting methods were reported.

4. The number of samples provided per man.

The scientists need to do more research to draw conclusions as to WHY this drop has occurred, but it is theorized that lifestyle factors such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol may be contributers.

Which would make sense when you consider the documented affects on the human body from those substances.

And I mentioned in my previous video about gun control, a degenerate, hedonistic, amoral lifestyle has become increasingly prevalent since the “Hippie” generation. And that would include stupid shit like smoking and drinking.

So… men today, on average, are MUCH less fit, have DRASTICALLY-lower testosterone levels, and have PATHETICALLY-lower sperm counts. In the latter case, literally half to more-than-half LESS sperm than what they did just 45 years ago.

Is it any wonder that cuckoldry is becoming mainstream, and even being seen as a positive?!

So, to all the guys who watch my channel regularly, and follow my fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and even supplement advice, and/or use my programs like “Beast Mode” or “Upgraded Man”… even if you don’t think you’re that great with women, you’re still likely a physical specimen compared to your competition! Even if you have just average physical genetics.

Embrace your “toxic masculinity”!

All you need to work on is your self-esteem and approach, and if necessary — get your finances in order.

But, seeing value in yourself, and realizing you already got a leg up on the competition should REALLY help. It’s a confidence-booster!

But, bigger-picture-speaking, the figurative castration of men here in the West is very troubling! And if it isn’t effectively addressed, AND SOON… we can only expect the shit we’re experiencing now to get even worse!

Like the far-left cuckery you see going on with regards to open borders, and the mass invasion of violent, rapey “migrants”, from a wildly-incompatible culture being continually-accepted with open arms.

A truly sad state of affairs.

Anyhow, let me know what you all think in the comments below.


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