The TRUTH About Anti-Vegans (RESEARCH-BASED!)


The other day I came across research published in SAGE Journals, which combined the findings from three studies exploring evidence of bias toward vegans and vegetarians by meat-eaters. And not just bias, but even prejudice and acts of violence!

I found the research to be quite interesting and worthy of sharing. Thus, I thought I’d do a video reviewing some of the highlights from the paper per one of its authors, and in doing so hopefully open dialogue on this topic.

Some of what I’ll be sharing will likely come as no surprise to many of you, while some of it very likely will. So, let’s get right into it!

It was found that the prejudice meat-eaters express toward vegans is, at least, similar to that expressed toward immigrants, and is even WORSE than any racism expressed toward Blacks!

It was found that vegans are significantly more disliked than vegetarians, and vegan men are the most despised subgroup.

It was found that those who are vegan for the reason of animal welfare receive the most shit from meat-eaters, versus those who are vegan for health or the environment.

It was found that both meat eaters AND right-wingers consider vegans to be a threat to both society and culture.

And that particularly hits close to home as someone who is both vegan AND right-wing politically; as well as a traditional Catholic.

Though, from my own experience, I find that I get far less shit from fellow Conservatives for being vegan than I do from Leftist vegans for being conservative.

I find the former group to be far more accepting of my veganism, personally, so long as I am not actively beating my beliefs over their heads or acting in a “holier-than-thou” manner. Whereas I find Leftists to be the most intolerant group, despite their constant virtue-signalling to the contrary. But, hey, those who have ACTUAL virtue have no need for virtue SIGNALING.

An example of such Leftists intolerance would be seeking to exclude Conservatives from veganism, or at least making them feel highly-unwelcome. Which only serves to stunt veganism by shutting out a large portion of the voting population.

Again, that’s just from my own personal experience. Perhaps other Conservative vegans have had a different experience… for better or worse. So, if you are a right-wing vegan, I’d be interested in reading your experiences. Do drop them in the comments below.

Moving along.

It was found that those who are “threatened” by vegans tend to feel that animals aren’t as deserving of moral concern and protection.

It was found that vegans can feel like outcasts even among friends and family. Moreover, this is at least partly why Conservatives are more likely than Liberals to return to animal consumption. They perceive a lack of social support and being stigmatized as deviants.

It was found that the more “pro-beef” a person is, the more prejudiced they are toward vegetarians. And this finding was true cross-culturally.

Literally, it was found that the more beef a given person consumes, the greater their anti-vegetarian sentiments tend to be. This could explain the behavior of the carnivore community.

It was also found that reminding someone where their meat originates actually REDUCES their anti-vegan sentiments and their threat perception… at least at first. Though, via an elevated level of disgust over eating meat, the perception of a “vegan threat” eventually returns en force.

In other words, reminding folks of where their food comes from invokes a series of mixed emotions.

In any case, those were just the highlights from that research. I’ve linked to the full paper at my blog, which is linked in the description of this video, as well as in my pinned comment. I do recommend you all check it out.

But, I think those highlights are enough to shed light on some of the issues we, as vegans, face.

It seems pretty clear that there exists a trend of hostility toward vegans for deviating from accepted social norms and traditions, and choosing to do something different. Especially if vegans make that choice for ethical reasons.

There also appears to be an element of defensiveness on the part of meat-eaters; perhaps to protect them from the guilt of their dietary choices, especially when change would be required. Whether they consciously recognize that guilt or not.

And it also shines light on the psychology behind the utter-fucking-obsession folks in the carnivore crowd seem to display toward vegans. Such as Bobby Risto of Bobby’s Perspective, the self-admitted patient of the venerable Dr. Mushrooms.

And this sort of anti-vegan hostility has even manifested itself in the form of physical threats, as a woman from London, Ontario recently experienced on her way to pick up one of her boys from hockey.

As a result of the pro-vegan bumper stickers adorning her vehicle, she has been verbally assaulted, run off the road, and had animal products, such as meat, hurled at her car.

I mean, seriously, get a fucking life people! And get your heads checked, too!

What I find most ironic is that carnivores, for instance, have the nerve to over-generalize that veganism makes people to go crazy. Perhaps they should locate a nearby mirror and take a long, hard look at themselves!

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.


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