The Cost of Fatherhood

For all the joys associated with fatherhood, not to mention genetically-contributing to the continuation of your people, there also comes a downside… of sorts… that I am not sure many are aware of.

And before anyone jumps in here and screeches “over-population, though”, you’re thinking too broadly!

You need to look at the specific statistics BY GROUPS OF PEOPLE.

Allow me to quickly elucidate.

According to Pew Research, Asian and White fertility rates are even at 1.8 babies, on average, per woman, per lifetime. Whereas Hispanics have an average of 2.4 babies, per woman, per lifetime. And blacks an average of 2.1 babies, per woman, per lifetime.

In other words, Hispanics have approx. 29% more children than whites or Asians, and blacks have approx. 15% more.

And that’s not even taking into account the rate of abortions by Hispanics and blacks, which are at 19% and 35.6% respectively. At least in the United States.

And that’s despite Hispanics and blacks making up 17.8% and 13.3% of the population respectively in the United States, according to the United States Census Bureau.

In other words, Hispanics and blacks have a rate of abortion outrageously-high respective to the sizes of their individual populations. Yet, both groups STILL enjoy HIGHER live birth rates than Asians or whites.

Just imagine how large their populations would be if they DIDN’T engage in high-rates of abortion.

And if we look at the broader scale, you will see that Asia has the largest population globally, followed by Africa, followed by Europe… which has approx. 61% of the population size of Africa, which has 27% of the population of Asia.

Keep in mind, those are population totals. They don’t take into account population by specific geography, like East Asia vs. South Asia, or non-native racial populations in any of those areas — like Asians, Arabs, or Blacks living in Europe.

For example, there are approx. 5 million Sub-Saharan Africans living in Europe as of 2017, and that number is rapidly growing.

Whites, NOT counting those with only partial European descent, make up ONLY 11.5% of the total global population as of 2017. Very much a global minority.

Also as of 2017, Japan is experiencing falling birth rates, despite Asia, as a whole, making up the largest global population.

My point is, some groups of people enjoy a population boom… while others experience declining birth rates. So, you cannot over-generalize.

Ethnic Europeans and Japanese, for example, NEED to have MORE babies.

Keep in mind, your heritage, even down to things your ancestors did or didn’t do… that is ALL etched into your DNA. Don’t let that go extinct.

Perhaps one of your ancestors was a fierce Celtic warrior, or intrepid Viking seafarer, or honored Japanese Samurai.

That person, including his actions and achievements, lives on in your blood today.

So, yes, ethno-nationalism and ancestral pride has scientific merit. Even if you have no control over what group of people or land you were born into.

However, I’m fine with degenerate, self-hating, West-hating, cucked-out, far-left SJWs, Marxists, and Third-wave feminists removing themselves from the gene pool.

If you’re one of those weak, low-quality types… do the world a favor, and disappear.

Now, with that out of the way, let me get onto the actual topic!

Research demonstrates that fathers have significantly lower testosterone, both upon waking AND in the evening, versus men who are not fathers.

How much lower? The rate of decrease does seem to vary by groups of people.

For instance:

In the Philippines, fathers experience 18.3% lower waking levels and 22.3% lower evening levels versus non-fathers.

Whereas the Hadza people, from north-central Tanzania, experience 30% lower waking levels and 47% lower evening levels versus non-fathers.

And, among men from Boston in the United States, waking levels were 42% lower versus non-fathers.

Now, why am I telling you this? Seems like a massive downside to becoming a Dad, right?

Well, in short, lowered levels of testosterone make you a better Dad: less aggression, less risk-taking, with more investment, more bonding, and more nurturing of the child.

Also, less likelihood of a man seeking out other women, thus lending to a more stable family unit.

But, for those men who lead and enjoy an active lifestyle, this is something to keep in mind.

For instance, if the average testosterone level among males is 679 ng/dL… a 42% decrease would bring that level down to about 394 ng/dL!

Which is still within the normal, healthy range.

And, as I’ve discussed in videos before, with research, within the normal range there is NO difference in muscle-building capacity. Regardless if you have a bottom-end value of 270 ng/dL, or a top-end value of 1,070 ng/dL.

But, those with lower testosterone, even within the healthy range, will find it easier to store fat, and harder to lose it.

This is likely why the ‘Dad Bod’ got its name.

So… if you’re an active male, who lifts consistently, eats healthfully, gets plenty of sleep, maintains a healthy body fat percentage between 8 and 20%, and tries to keep stress levels at bay:

You shouldn’t need to worry sabotaging your gains, but you will likely need to work harder to lose fat… AND to keep it off.

But, if you start experiencing signs of low-T, I recommend you visit an Endocrinologist and get tested. From there, you can explore treatment options to ensure a better quality of life for you… and ultimately your family.

Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments below.


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