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Add OVER 1 Inch to Your Arms FAST (SCIENCE)


People keep requesting that I do another training video, so here you go!

And I got some relatively new research to share in this episode, as well as an announcement, so please stay through the end.

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My View Has CHANGED! (Public Service Announcement)

I felt it was my responsibility to do this video!

While my channel isn’t exactly large, I DO have a growing subscriber base who loyally-watch my videos each week. So, whenever I am genuinely wrong about something, or new data comes to light on a given topic, clarifying the matter just feels like the right thing to do.

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One Exercise to Become UNSTOPPABLE (WITH SCIENCE!)

I want to start by saying that this exercise science video is designed primarily with athletes from contact sports in mind.

In other words: wrestlers, fighters, American football players, etc.

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