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Add OVER 1 Inch to Your Arms FAST (SCIENCE)


People keep requesting that I do another training video, so here you go!

And I got some relatively new research to share in this episode, as well as an announcement, so please stay through the end.

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The TRUTH About Animal v. Plant Protein (JUST PUBLISHED!)

One of the common criticisms that you’ll hear from non-vegans is that plant protein is inferior to animal protein for building muscle and strength.

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Talking to Retards: Episode 1 – “Food Doesn’t Build Muscle”

So, I’ve decided to launch an informative and quite offensive new series called “Talking to Retards”, which YouTube will likely demonetized right from the starting gates for, at the very least, being “yugely” un-PC.

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I am doing this video because it hits close to home, and it may help some of you right now or at some point in the future. Or maybe you know someone this video would benefit.

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