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Bryan Adams is a WAYCIST!


So, I got a ‘current event’ to discuss in this episode.

As some or all of you may be aware of by now, famous Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams, who also happens to be a vegan, made headlines for letting loose with a “racist tirade”, as some are calling it, in light of this current pandemic.

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Why I’m a Right-Wing Vegan (Logic, Science, Politics, Philosophy, Etc.)

Since I’ve recently gained a few new subscribers on this channel, or well-over 300 in the past month and counting, I thought doing a bit of a personal video might be interesting. To better introduce myself, or rather, some of my reasoning. Reasoning which certainly eludes some folks, from what I gather.

I’ll admit, I must be somewhat of a unicorn; being a vegan, while also being unapologetically right-wing, nationalistic, and eurocentric.

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