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Veganism & Death (RESEARCH!)


Just a quick heads-up before I kick off: I may not be able to produce a video next week due to other obligations. The same with the consecutive weeks of September 2nd and September 9th.

However, I will be producing a video the week of August 26th, and will return to my normal, weekly production schedule starting the week of September 16th.

I do apologize in advance for these interruptions, but I must prioritize other matters in my life for those three weeks.

Now… I am probably going to sound pretty monotonous to most of you with this video, but I still feel that sharing this sort of information is important. Especially given the sea of hate vegans are being bombarded with of late.

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The TRUTH About Ex-Vegans (& Dumb Carnivores)

I’ve lightly touched on this topic in previous videos, but this will be the first dedicated response for folks to reference. Though, I can’t believe it actually needs to be said at all. I guess I give people way too much credit. I really need to stop doing that!

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