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Do THIS for a 42% GREATER Sperm Count! (RESEARCH!)

Before I get started with this video I wanted to direct you all to my Instagram page, which I’ve been consistently posting to for a little over a week now. I’ve linked to it below, so please head over and give me a follow! It’s feeling a bit lonely there right now.

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I really thought I was done with the subject of soy and hormones, but here I am rehashing it… yet again. Once more fighting a misconception that just won’t give up the damned ghost.

Recently, a story began making rounds that a veterinarian, a Dr. James Stangle of South Dakota, made the claim that soy protein, as found in plant-based burgers such as the Impossible Burger, feminizes men by increasing their estrogen levels.

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MORE Testosterone & LESS Estrogen (WITH THIS VEGAN DRINK!)


I want to start by saying that I hate the word “superfood”, but I won’t deny that it’s an attention-grabbing buzzword, so there’s that. And I do want people to watch my videos. I mean, after all, I don’t make them to collect the proverbial dust!

Anyhow, I got an interesting paper to share with you all this week, that was published this past March in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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FREE Testosterone Boosted 48% Naturally!! (BLOOD WORK RESULTS!)

Many of you may remember my video from February where I shared research about the seed nigella sativa, which was found to increase testosterone, sperm count, and ejaculate volume, among other markers, significantly after just 3 months of daily consumption.

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