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Veganism & Death (RESEARCH!)


Just a quick heads-up before I kick off: I may not be able to produce a video next week due to other obligations. The same with the consecutive weeks of September 2nd and September 9th.

However, I will be producing a video the week of August 26th, and will return to my normal, weekly production schedule starting the week of September 16th.

I do apologize in advance for these interruptions, but I must prioritize other matters in my life for those three weeks.

Now… I am probably going to sound pretty monotonous to most of you with this video, but I still feel that sharing this sort of information is important. Especially given the sea of hate vegans are being bombarded with of late.

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The Truth About Modern Men (Nu-Males, Soy Boys, Soy Face, Cucks)

First off — yeah, I used “soy boy” and “soy face” in the video title as keywords.

I am using the terms in the meme sense, as you all know my science-based stance on soy.

So… I thought this would be an interesting video to do for a couple of reasons.

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I am sure the title of this video grabbed your attention, and really, that was the intent. But, while it is most certainly not the primary focus, it does indeed apply to the broader topic at hand.

This video specifically has to do with a notable health benefit, of many, procured through orgasm. Specifically the male orgasm.

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