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1 PROVEN Exercise for Entire Legs & Butt (No Gym Required!)


In the early stages of the COVID-19 lock-down a close friend of mine had asked for advice on how to properly train his legs at home with just dumbbells or bands.

I suggested to him one simple exercise that will absolutely wreck the ENTIRE lower body in a single movement!

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RE: Vegan Gains, ATHLEAN-X, and “Perfect Workouts”

This video is a response to Vegan Gains’ recent video to ATHLEAN-X titled “ATHLEAN-X Fails to Make Perfect Workouts”.

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Talking to Retards: Episode 1 – “Food Doesn’t Build Muscle”

So, I’ve decided to launch an informative and quite offensive new series called “Talking to Retards”, which YouTube will likely demonetized right from the starting gates for, at the very least, being “yugely” un-PC.

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I don’t really have capacity for more than a quick video this week “because, life”.

I want to talk about training for NATURALS in this installment, and really get down to the specifics of something that will produce the best results in both size and strength in EXPERIENCED lifters. Not just beginners.

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