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Hollywood Physique – The Truth! [Natty or Not?]

I thought I’d have a little fun in this video, and follow-up a bit on my previous video about what women find attractive in men.

In that video, which I will link below for you to view, I covered a number of aspects about men that women are innately attracted to. At least here in the West. And I used research to support my claims.

One of those aspects, obviously, are looks.

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The SCIENCE of Attracting Women! (Research-Based!)

A lot of men seem to be genuinely confused about what women want, and how to be successful with them.

Luckily, as with many things in life, science can provide clarification.

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Bodybuilder Injected WHAT?! (It’s Vegan, But It’s DUMB!)


Bodybuilder Injected WHAT?! (It’s Vegan, But It’s DUMB!)

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Bodybuilder injected coconut oil into his arms http://ergo-log.com/bodybuilder-injected-coconut-oil-into-his-arms.html

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The Ideal Male Physique — What girls want & what guys want to be http://foxhoundstudio.com/blog/fitness-lifestyle/the-ideal-male-physique-%E2%80%94-what-girls-want-want-guys-want-to-be/