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Calling Out Blatant Misinformation!

With the growing number of ex-vegans giving testimonials about how the vegan diet has harmed them in some manner, I feel that it is ever-important to cast spotlight on and correct nutritional misinformation. Especially when it is so painfully blatant as the one I will be sharing with you in this video.

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In this video, I wanted to share a piece of rather disgusting, viral news published just a few days ago, and use that to draw a bit of perspective. This will not be one of my typical evidence-based videos, but rather an opinion piece.

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The TRUTH About MY Veganism (& How I REALLY Feel)

Given the spotlight cast on ex-vegans at the moment, as well as the anti-vegan sentiments coming out of the carnivore camp, I’ve decided to do a no-bullshit summary of my own life and experiences as a vegan.

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