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The TRUTH About Vegans and Cancer (SCIENCE!)

Preventing or even curing cancer are very common arguments you will hear in favor of the vegan diet.

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Your Relationships Are KILLING You?? (MUST SEE!)

This video is going to be a little bit different than my usual content, but still fits my general channel umbrella.

I think it is something EVERYONE should be aware of, but TOO many people fall victim to: and that is toxic relationships, and not just significant others. And I am using “toxic” VERY loosely here.

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Meat, Dairy and Eggs Are KILLING You!! (SHOCKING RECENT RESEARCH!) | Cory McCarthy

I stumbled upon some research, published in October 2016, that I just had to share. It just has to get out there. And I ask that ALL of you like this video and share this video. And you’ll soon find out why by watching.

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