Survival of the Fittest (BECOMING CORONA-PROOF?)


This video was inspired by a news article that I recently saw on my Facebook feed.

The article, published by the BBC, suggests that “people should prepare to fight coronavirus like they would prepare for surgery by staying fit and healthy.” And that “such measures could make it less likely they’d be admitted to intensive care.”

Now, obviously, that goes without saying. Or it should!

As data provided by the New York State Department of Health has demonstrated that 86.2% of COVID-19 deaths had involved at least one comorbidity, with the top three being hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

Which is likely why New Orleans has been reported as having the highest COVID-19 death rate in the US. New Orleans is, after all, in one of the most obese states in the entire country!

And that brings me to the ‘tofu and potatoes’ of this video… see what I did there?

A paper was recently published on March 24th in the peer-reviewed journal ‘Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases’ which elaborated that working out during your quarantine, even in your house, can help you fight against both the mental and physical consequences of this COVID-19 pandemic, and possible infection.

Furthermore, a paper published just last week in the peer-reviewed journal ‘Brain, Behavior, and Immunity’ elaborated that while there is no data on how exercise may directly enhance immune response to coronaviruses, moderate-to-vigorous exercise has been shown to improve immune response to other conditions such a HIV and cancer. That being said, epidemiological data does suggest that fit and active people ARE less likely to report symptoms of upper respiratory illnesses. Furthermore, that exercise does, in fact, protect against OTHER viral infections such as the flu and rhinovirus. However, there is also some evidence that excessive exercise, such as that undergone by professional athletes, may impair immune response and increase infection risk. Nonetheless, the body of available data from other viral infections suggests that fit and active people tend to experience less severe symptoms, a quicker recovery, and may be less infectious to others.

That paper recommends 150-300 minutes per week of moderate-to-vigorous intensity cardio and two sessions per week of strength training. Those being the basic American guidelines for health.

But, now you may be asking, “how can I properly work out if I’m mostly stuck at home?”

Well, for those who haven’t yet seen my last video, I strongly urge you to check it out. I go into the science of training at home with even JUST your bodyweight!

So, there really are no excuses for you all to be living up to the quarantine memes!

Plus, it isn’t doing you any favors for staying healthy, both mentally and physically, as well as safe.

Now… for those who want to leave nothing to chance, and want an evidence-based, structured home workout program, I’ve created a quick PDF that you can download for only two dollars, which is linked below. You’ll get very challenging and effective home workouts while also helping to fund this channel at the same time.

They’re the precise workouts that I am effectively using right now with what limited equipment that I have at my disposal in my tiny Manhattan apartment.

It’s been just about 6 weeks without a gym for me, and I’ve lost zero size… in anything, I think I’m looking a bit juicier!

Though, I do urge you all to pick up a set of bands, at the very least, to use with my workouts. But, the program does offer exercise substitutions so that you can customize to a degree based on your equipment should you own a bit more, or just want to change things up a bit from session-to-session.

I’ve linked to one of the only remaining sets left on Amazon for purchase… but, hurry, this sort of gear is selling out fast! In fact, all of the gear I had linked under my last video was gone within an hour of upload! Absolutely nuts!

But, you can, if need be, work with just your bodyweight too. There is also a brutal option for that in the PDF. It will FRY you!

Just keep in mind, I designed these workouts to be basic, and for use in small spaces like a city apartment… so you won’t find any barbell or rack movements. Thus, if you are fortunate enough have a full home gym setup, then this program may be too basic for you.

Also note, the download just includes workouts; no diet, supplementation, or other advice. It is really quite simple, but again… it’s only two dollars!

Which is LESS than the cost of a ‘grande’ coffee at Starbucks!

But a hell of a lot more satisfying, if you ask me.

And unlike other YouTubers, if you have any questions about any of my programs, I tend to respond to comments… as most of you know. So always feel free to drop any questions below, and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

For example, if you need clarification on performing any of the prescribed exercises or whatnot, or should you need any further exercise substitutions. Hit me up below.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments about this video below.


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