Significantly MORE Testosterone Just by Doing THIS! (SIMPLE!)

I thought I’d quickly discuss some research that could benefit you in your journeys to health, fitness, and physique greatness.

It may be of no shock to any of you that poor sleep can lead to lower levels of testosterone.

As research demonstrates that total testosterone levels are highest in men who sleep at least 7-8 hours per night, and lowest in those who sleep less than 5.

But, what you may NOT know is that by sleeping MORE you may actually INCREASE your testosterone!

A 2010 study on 531 men, aged between 29 and 72 years old, found that men who slept for less than 4 hours for just ONE night had approximately 60% less total testosterone and 55% less free testosterone than men who slept for longer than 8 hours. Based on these same findings, it also appears that including 1 hour of extra sleep per night may RAISE testosterone by 12-15%!

According to the endocrinologists who conducted the study, “the significant association of sleep with androgen concentrations suggests that sleep might be a contributing factor in the etiology of men with low concentrations of androgen. Therefore, in the management of men with low androgen concentrations, an evaluation of their sleep hygiene might add to the understanding the etiology of their hypogonadal state.”

Ergo, poor sleep may very well be one contributing factor to the low-testosterone trend we are witnessing among men today.

Testosterone has been on a 1% decrease per year, approximately and on average, since the 1980s!

As I’ve discussed in videos previously, men in 2017 have around 30% LESS testosterone, on average, than their counterparts in 1987!

It’s a serious and worsening problem. And sleep is something so simple to fix in the scheme of things.

Not that poor sleep is the ONLY culprit, as there are other, even interrelated factors to consider.

Such as popular, degenerate lifestyle habits that are detrimental to both sleep quality and duration, as well as having their own documented DIRECT negative impact on testosterone levels, as well as other hormones.

But, I can and WILL be getting to those at another time. This episode is focused purely on sleep.

For now, I would just like you all to consider your individual sleep patterns. And what you can do to not only improve your existing quality of sleep, but also the duration.

Such a small change in your life can have a significant positive impact on its quality.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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