The SCIENCE of Attracting Women! (Research-Based!)

A lot of men seem to be genuinely confused about what women want, and how to be successful with them.

Luckily, as with many things in life, science can provide clarification.

Granted, there are aspects that we simply cannot change about ourselves that ARE considered desirable in mate selection.

An example would be facial attractiveness, which appears to be ingrained in our very biology.

And there was a recent two-month study performed in the United Kingdom on just facial attractiveness. To try and determine what the “perfect” male or female face would look like, at least to Western eyes.

Women ranked a softer jaw-line, slimmer face, fuller lips and clean-shaven look as the most attractive in that study. And this was how women drew the perfect male face.

And this is a male and female composite of the highest-rated celebrity faces from that study, the top-three ranked celebrity men being David Gandy, Chris Hemsworth, and Bradley Cooper.

But, alas, short of invasive and expensive reconstructive surgery, there’s not much we can do about our facial looks, aside from maintaining proper hygiene, and opting for a flattering hair style that is most appropriate for our individual facial shape and layout.

So, with this video I wanted to focus on the aspects that CAN be improved to optimize success with women. Based solely on research, not personal opinions or anecdotes.

And it won’t take you a lifetime to digest, either.

I feel I’ve managed the seemingly-impossible task of confining it to a relatively quick video.

Now, I do want to note: just because certain elements may be generally considered desirable, doesn’t mean there aren’t outliers. As with anything in life.

For instance, even if most women prefer fit men, it doesn’t mean there aren’t “the few” that like their men on the chubbier side.

But, again, those are exceptions to the norm. Not the norm.

Let’s begin with the most obvious.

Women, regardless of cultural origin, seek out men with resources and a willingness to invest those resources. That said, they can also seek out less tangible qualities, such as the inherent ABILITY to acquire resources, as well as a man’s status.

What I mean by the inherent ability to acquire resources is: even if you don’t CURRENTLY have resources at your disposal, like money, woman can take into consideration your potential to acquire them in future — think intelligence, marketable talents, education, etc.

However, CURRENTLY possessing resources DOES takes center stage over your ability to acquire them later. It just makes sense when you think about it. There’s no gamble involved. No waiting.

But, beyond who you are and what you can provide, there are also definitive physical characteristics that women generally go for.

In order from least influencial to most, when it comes to attractiveness: a clean shaven face, a masculine voice, a masculine face, and a muscular build.

Interestingly: while women didn’t find facial hair to be as attractive as a clean-shaven face, they did view facial hair to exude a greater sense of dominance. But, we’re focusing on attractivity here.

Now, let’s take this a step further to get an even clearer picture of what women find attractive… physically.

According to a survey of over 1,000 men and women, women preferred a body like Brad Pitt’s over classic bodybuilder Frank Zane in contest condition.

So, basically, a Hollywood action lead look. Muscular, but not freaky. More on the athletic side. Lean and defined, but not overly ripped.

And this is directly in line with a 2012 paper which found that not only do men hold a body ideal that is typically more muscular than they are, but women PREFER a muscular physique on a guy. Complete with a “v-shaped” upper body.

The data from that paper demonstrates that women prefer a male body with an average BMI of 24.46, which is considered a top-end BMI for healthy adults. However, this upper-end BMI is in favor of muscle over fat. With a chest size around 41 inches, and waist size around 31 inches, lending to a v-taper.

To give you clarity on body fat percentage:

In a 2012 study published by the Royal Society, 29 fertile women were asked to rate 69 young, white males of different body sizes, by their attractiveness, masculinity, and body fat.

The results demonstrated that body fat percentage played THE most significant role in physical attractiveness over both looks and masculinity in the opinion of fertile women.

Men who possessed 12% body fat were ranked as THE most physically attractive.

One famous example with 12% body fat would be James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

On that note, if you’d like a truly SCIENTIFIC approach to building a strong, head-turning body — do check out my new e-book, “Beast Mode by Science”, which is linked below in the description.

In conclusion, according to research, if want to optimize your success with women, here’s what you should do:

1. Acquire resources, such as money, and be willing to invest them — not hog them. If you do not currently have resources, seek out an ample education that will allow you to acquire resources. Some of you may be young, so this is where planning for your future is VERY important to do NOW!

2. While not as important as having resources, having status is a plus. Status can include notoriety or rank in a given area, such as in sports or military. Some things to take into consideration to develope this area of your life: what are your talents and skills? How can you strategically leverage those to improve your status?

3. If you have facial hair, shave it. That is the easiest fix of the lot.

4. Work on building your body, which will optimize your hormone levels, and help provide you with a more masculine appearance and tone to your voice. But, aim for more of a hollywood action body versus bodybuilder.

5. Get your body fat to 12 percent. No more, no less. This is considered THE most-attractive body fat percentage for men to possess according to FERTILE women.

Next, and I know this is going to sound cliche as all hell, but personality should not be overlooked.

Women desire traits in men such as kindness, sympathy, cooperativeness, warmth, and considerateness, as well as emotional-stability, and intellectualism.

But, in your quest to be more agreeable, don’t become a pushover either! Women do NOT prefer wimps, as research shows.

Finally, consider tossing some red into your wardrobe. Just a splash will do, because red is very “loud”. Perhaps limit the inclusion of red to a necktie and/or pocket square.

Various research has shown the color red to enhance a man’s attractiveness. It also conveys a higher social status, and higher potential for success.

In business and politics, the red tie is known as the “power tie”. It is bold, and makes an aggressive statement.

On an interesting side note: according to data collected by Google engineers, the five most popular male archetypes in women’s pornographic fantasies are:

1) Vampires

2) Werewolves

3) Billionaires

4) Surgeons

And 5) Pirates

Likely, you can blame the outrageous success of recent franchises like Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey for the first 3.

However, Tara and I are both confused by the inclusion of the fifth… pirates. I mean, what the fuck?!

I would imagine pirates to stink, have poor hygiene, to be crass, and certainly wouldn’t be trustworthy or honorable.

So, I am rather confused by that one. Unless it is their “bad boy” nature? I can only speculate, but that would be ALL they’d likely have. Aside from riches they’ve plundered.

If you have any theories, I’d love to hear ’em in the comments.

Whatever the case, it should be abundantly clear that women are tvrned-on by power, status, resources, and strength. And the possibility of “taming a wild beast”, so-to-speak.

At this point I feel that I need to make a statement regarding the content of this video, and provide some general views.

Men often criticize women for being too “picky” or harboring elevated standards for men to meet. Standards that, I suppose, they deem unfair or outrageous for the average guy. Just my guess.

I find this criticism ironic, as men too can be quite picky. Be it wanting a partner with ample breasts, a rotund butt, a curvy figure, etc., who also is fun, caring, intelligent, and plays video games or whatever.

I tend to go almost exclusively for the “Monica Bellucci look”, as I call it.  Or Catherine Zeta Jones, or Olga Kurylenko.

So, I got my own personal tastes. And that’s just in the looks department.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with expressing standards when it comes to partner selection. That should be a natural desire, in my opinion. And being selective is more likely to lead to higher-quality offspring from the pairing.

So, why settle? Especially if you don’t need to settle, i.e. you have the means to get precisely WHAT you want in a partner.

Don’t take rejection personally. See any challenges as reason to improve yourself, and increase your market value. Instead of seeing them as roadblocks.

Feel motivated and empowered, not frustrated and defeated. Spend less time wallowing in self-pity or resentment, and more time being pro-active.

I hope the data in this video has defined areas where you can actually strive to improve yourselves, and thus improve your options and chances. According to science.

So, go forth and set goals for yourselves, and make them happen!

And if any of my viewers have advice to share, or experiences, do drop them in the comments below.

Stir up discussion. It enriches the viewing experience.


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