Responding to Retards: Animal vs Plant Protein (AWESOME NEW RESEARCH!)

As you all can imagine, I deal with the brain-dead every day… either on social media or in the real world.

And, frankly, I am sick and fucking tired of replying to the same regurgitated stupidity about animal protein being superior to plant, so I felt this video was in order. ESPECIALLY after my last two videos responding to Scooby’s misinformed beliefs about vegan bodybuilders. Definitely check those out.

Luckily, I got some new research to share with you all in this video. Accepted by the American Society for Nutrition in January of this year.

It is a recent epidemiological study on the effect of plant-based and animal proteins on humans. More specifically… their individual effects on muscle and strength!

They examined and compared fast food, full and low-fat dairy, fish, red meat, chicken and legumes.

As for the sample size, it was quite large! The conclusions were based on the data of 2,986 men and women, ages 19 to 72, from the Framingham Third Generation Study.

At first, yes, animal protein sources DID appear to be significantly superior for muscle mass, but only modestly so for strength.

But, when the researchers corrected their data for total protein intake in BOTH groups, to ensure they matched, the results demonstrated that protein source, whether plant or animal, made no significant difference on muscle or strength outcomes.

In conclusion, among adults who get ample protein intake, source appears to make no significantly quantifiable fucking difference when it comes to muscle mass or strength gains.

So, seriously, shut the fuck up about the superiority of meat and dairy. That is all in your head, or based on anecdote, and not actual, controlled, large-scale research.

If you lose size as a vegan, YOU are fucking up somehow… it isn’t the fault of plant-based foods. Perhaps try increasing your calories, and tracking your macro intake therein.

Anyway, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you all for watching, and see you in the next video!


Dietary protein is associated with musculoskeletal health independently of dietary pattern: the Framingham Third Generation Study

High plant-based protein diet not bad for muscles

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