Re: Cannibalism & the Risk + Nutrition of Human Meat

My last video definitely got a mixed reaction, judging by the comments.

Nonetheless, it still has a “winning” up vs. down vote ratio at the moment… by a landslide.

But, given the disparity of comments, I thought I’d make a follow-up video this week to ensure my intentions are as perspicuous as possible.

First, you all know that I am going through an incredibly dark time due to an ill member of my close family. With whom the future is uncertain. I’ve done two recent videos on that matter directly, and a third discussing its impact on me. And for those who didn’t know… well, now you do.

It would logically-follow that my mind is in a very dark place as a result. Which is likely the reason why I’ve black-pilled in parallel to my family situation.

In any case, the part about cannibalism in my previous video was a HALF-joke. Emphasis on “half”. And I thought that’d be clear in my presentation, but I suppose it wasn’t.

I tried to make my root intentions absolutely transparent when leading into that segment of the video. Here’s a clip starting at time code 6:36 to showcase my intentions:


In case you STILL don’t understand: yes, I WOULD turn to cannibalism IF there was absolutely NO other reasonable option in an extreme survival situation. A situation where you DO or you DIE. Or those you care about die. That simple.

And don’t think for a second that there won’t be others putting you or your loved ones in the cross hairs out of their own utter desperation, so you’d also need to be hyper-vigilant in such a time.

Vigilance, a concept that is no doubt foreign to the average, overly-domesticated person today. And something they’d do well to learn!

Historically, people have had to resort to cannibalism in rough situations. The following are actual, documented events, and this list is FAR from comprehensive:

In 1918, crew members of the ship Dumaru had spent three weeks drifting in a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean, after their ship had sank. After exhausting their food supply, they resorted to cannibalism to survive.

During the Russian famine of 1921 – 1922, some peasants had resorted to cannibalism to survive.

From 1932 – 1933, during the famine of the Ukraine, cannibalism was widespread… people even consumed their own children!

After the 1972 Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 plane crash in the Andes, survivors began resorting to cannibalism after being trapped at the crash site for over two months!

And those are just a handful of grim incidents. If you want to read about further examples ranging from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century, and there are very, very MANY, you will find a link over at my blog entry for this video which I’ve linked to below.

Now, I also used the cannibalism segment of my previous video to take a piss on and taunt far-leftists, such as socialists and AntiFa. I had hoped, given the overly-dramatic presentation, that’d be obvious, but perhaps I expect too much from people. In fact, Tara criticizes me for having too high of expectations of others.

You see, I aimed to trigger and shock… and trigger and shock I certainly did! Granted, not as much as I had hoped for. But, hey, there’s still time. And this video isn’t over yet!

You see, for all of those in the comments who DIDN’T get my intentions, and thought I was being 100% serious even when I was just taking the piss.

There were those, on the flip side, who joked right along with me, some quite hilariously even: see the hashtag “AntiFa, it’s what’s for dinner” for one example. Absolutely savage!

And there were also those who understood my darker mindset, which has directly led to my grim outlook and dark sense of humor of late.

Joking aside, there WAS still an element of reality to what I had said.

Far-leftists, such as AntiFa or socialists, would NO DOUBT be the first to go, in some manner, during a true collapse or civil war scenario. And we’re not just talking cannibalism here.

They simply DO NOT have what it takes to effectively defend themselves OR be competitive, especially in a tough environment, and the latter is a reason WHY they likely favor socialist policies in the first place. Even if they won’t outwardly admit it.

And there is even recent science to support that sentiment, as if observation weren’t enough!

2017 research out of Brunel University in London found that weaker men ARE more likely to be in favor of wealth redistribution. Whereas stronger men, on the other hand, who generally have no problems controlling both women and resources, are far LESS likely to see virtue in egalitarian social policies.

Essentially, socialism is popular among “beta males”.

Tell me, does that trigger you? If it does… you may be a beta male!

That study also found that even less-wealthy men, who are physically-formidable, are not inclined to support wealth redistribution either.

Ergo, wealth status doesn’t change the outcome. The STRONGER the man, the LESS they’ll agree with socialist policies.

Now, as for some truths about cannibalism. Yes, it isn’t without risk, as some of my viewers had mentioned.

For instance, there is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which is a degenerative and fatal brain disorder believed to be caused by a “distorted” protein known as a prion. And prions are found most abundantly in the brain of humans and animals, according to the CDC.

So, it would seem you’d lower your risk of contracting that disease simply by avoiding brain tissue, but the risk IS still present. Hence why cannibalism isn’t to be embarked upon lightly, but as I said: you’d do what you’d have to do if you truly had no other option. All shock value aside.

And for a bit of twisted knowledge:

James Cole, an archaeologist at the University of Brighton, published a damn paper, in 2017, regarding the nutritional content of the human body. I am dead serious!

Archaeological evidence, apparently, shows that hominin species were eating each other as early as the Pleistocene era, which prompted Cole to ponder the nutritional value of human meat.

He must’ve had a lot of downtime.

In his 2017 paper, Cole leveraged studies from the 1940s and 1950s, which analyzed the protein and fat content of four adult men. And given that data, he was able to determine the average caloric value of various human body parts.

And I’ve linked both that study and a Smithsonian article reviewing that study over at my blog for you to explore further if you so desire, but suffice it to say, an entire male human body, on average, contains 125,822 calories. This means that a male with, say, a lean body mass of 185 pounds could maintain off of one human male for approximately 45 days, assuming access to some form of cold storage and/or preservation method was available.

“The more you know…”

But, as one person joked in my comments, your average commie doesn’t have much meat on ’em.

Nonetheless, save an animal, eat a Commie! Even if that means you need to hunt more of ’em to survive a similar length of time.

Let’s see who THAT triggers!

Anyhow, stir up discussion in the comments below.



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