Quad Damn! BETTER Legs & Butt in ONE Move!! (Quads, Hams and Glutes)

You all know the drill… you want big quads? Squat! You want big hams? Squat! You want a more developed ass? You get the idea, and you’ve heard it thousands upon thousands of times already, I’m sure.

Now, I am not here to rag on the almighty Squat. Hell, I advocate performing some variation of the movement, be it standard, hack, front, or whatever in every lower body workout. Unless, of course, you have a damn good medical reason not to.

The Squat is a staple, and if you are a Powerlifter: you gotta Squat!

However, I am not going to sit here and claim it is the best movement for developing your lower body either.

And those who would… well, they don’t know Squat… about the science, at least. Cough cough, Jason Blaha, cough cough.

In fact… according to EMG data, the Squat appears to be pretty terrible for activating the glutes and hams!

Squatting appears to be far more beneficial for your quads… providing at least 60% more peak and at least 62% more mean activation in the quads than in the hams, and it activates the glutes at least 70% and 75% less than the quads respectively!

But, there might just be a silent assassin which could slay the “king” when it comes to overall lower body development.

And that would be the Lunge! In fact, according to EMG data, the lunge significantly outperforms the Squat when it comes to activation of the lateral and medial hamstring, the vastus lateralis and medialis, as well as the gluteus medius and maximus!

In fact, only when it came to rectus femoris activation was the lunge edged out by the Squat, and only by about 18%.

The rectus femoris being the area of the quads that I’ve shaded in red here.

So, you want big quads? Big hams? A more developed ass? Then, you better LUNGE!

But, just like with sex, it only counts if you go deep!


Inside the Muscles: Best Leg, Glute, and Calf Exercises https://www.t-nation.com/training/inside-the-muscles-best-leg-glute-and-calf-exercises


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