I don’t really have capacity for more than a quick video this week “because, life”.

I want to talk about training for NATURALS in this installment, and really get down to the specifics of something that will produce the best results in both size and strength in EXPERIENCED lifters. Not just beginners.

And I will be doing do so with science, as always. And I will try to make this more detailed than most other videos on the subject.

Thanks to mainstream fitness rags and culture, drugged-out bodybuilders and fitness models, and a die-hard adherence to the “brosciences”, the body part split reigns supreme in gyms across the world.

Little do these “bros” consider that champions PRIOR to 1958, the year when the FDA first approved the sell of anabolic steroids in US, relied on high-frequency, most often full-body routines to get big and strong.

Like John Grimek, who won various titles, including two AAU Mr. America titles, and one NABBA Mr. Universe title, between the years 1936 and 1948.

Thus, Grimek had retired from competition 10 years BEFORE steroids were approved for sell in the US by the FDA. And 6 years before the Russians found success at the 1954 World Weightlifting Championships using testosterone, which inspired the so-called “Godfather of Steroids”, Dr. John Zieglar, to begin experimenting with testosterone on US weightlifters.

And Grimek’s best lifts included:

A 600 pound deadlift.
A 700 pound squat.
A 364 pound overhead press.
And a 480 pound bench press.

With that perspective in mind, let’s look at the science of why we should adhere to how the early greats achieved physique and strength success.

In 2015, Dr. Brad Schoenfeld and company studied the effects of training muscle groups using a body part split routine, or every muscle directly once-per-week, vs. a higher-frequency, 3-day-a-week total-body routine.

The study used well-trained men, aged 19–29 years, who had been lifting an average of 4.5 years, at a minimum of 3-days-per-week. All of whom were randomly-assigned to either a split routine or a full-body routine that were volume-matched. The only difference being the weekly frequency per muscle group.

The subjects’ dietary intake was also tracked, and supplement use was controlled for.

After eight weeks, the higher-frequency group had gained 3.8% more strength on their bench press 1RM, 0.7% more strength on their back squat 1RM, 2.1% more muscle on their forearms flexors, 3% more muscle on their forearms extensors, and 4.6% more muscle on the vastus lateralis of their quadriceps. All compared to the group following a split routine.

Granted, those aren’t massive differences, but they’re still differences in favor of a higher training frequency. And if you’re going to be putting in the effort, why NOT shoot for even 1% better gains?!

And those results were echoed by a 2016 study by Thomas et alia, also on experienced trainees, which found that higher-frequency training produced nearly 12% greater TOTAL lean body mass, nearly 11% greater bench press strength, and just over 4% greater hack squat strength. All when compared to those using a split routine.

That study also had a duration of eight weeks, and was also volume-matched.

Higher-frequency is simply demonstrated to be superior.

This is precisely why my training and nutrition eBooks, such as “Beast Mode By Science” and “The Upgraded Man”, utilize a higher-frequency approach, among other research-proven training methods, to achieve the maximum possible results in the shortest amount of time possible, without requiring drugs.

And combine my methodology with my dietary guidelines and supplement recommendations, which are also supported by science, and you see results like this… and this… and this… coming from those who adhere to what I instruct, whether male or female.

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And in a coming video, I plan to discuss the benefits that a stronger, well-built physique will have on your life BEYOND just looking good!

Anyway, stir up discussion in the comments below.


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