The Best Vegan Bodybuilding Foods Pt. 6

Here I am again with another installment of my Best Vegan Bodybuilding Foods series. It’s been about 4 months since the previous installment, where I covered bananas.

This time around I will be covering beets!

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Cory McCarthy vs Onision Re: Veganism!

My response to the video “Why Onision ISN’T Vegan”, from the channel UhOhBro.


Why Onision ISN’T Vegan

A Closer Look at What So-Called Humane Farming Means

After 2,500 Studies, It’s Time to Declare Animal Sentience Proven

Position of the American Dietetic Association: vegetarian diets.



Get Buzzing About Bees

Do Bees Have Feelings?

Scientists say humans certainly caused the spread of the virus that’s killing honeybees

Contaminants in Fish

Fish Are Sentient and Emotional Beings and Clearly Feel Pain

Vegan Food To Lose Fat & Keep It Off!

First of all, happy fathers day to all the fathers out there. That includes the fathers of adopted animals!

Now… onto the video!

I am sure we’ve all heard the classic jingle “beans, beans, the magical fruit… the more you eat”… you know how it goes… except, in this case I’ll finish it with… the more fat you may lose!

And keep off!

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Top 3 Myths About Soy DEBUNKED With Science!

My last video stirred up a number of comments that I felt I should address regarding soy foods.

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