Vegan Food To Lose Fat & Keep It Off!

First of all, happy fathers day to all the fathers out there. That includes the fathers of adopted animals!

Now… onto the video!

I am sure we’ve all heard the classic jingle “beans, beans, the magical fruit… the more you eat”… you know how it goes… except, in this case I’ll finish it with… the more fat you may lose!

And keep off!

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Top 3 Myths About Soy DEBUNKED With Science!

My last video stirred up a number of comments that I felt I should address regarding soy foods.

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ASK CORY: The Truth About TVP [Textured Vegetable Protein]

So, here I am with another installment of Ask Cory. And this is a question I get asked a lot, so I thought I’d make a quick video on the topic.

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What This Vegan Bodybuilder Eats In A Day [Intermittent Fasting, 6/4/16]

I thought I’d do another day of eating video, since it has been a number of months since my previous installment, and they seem to receive positive reception.

A bit of a forward, however, before we begin:

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