Orgasms and YOUR Testosterone Health!

In this episode I wanted to quickly explore a popular topic, but also one that is popularly misunderstood in today’s health and fitness-focused crowd: The effects of masturbation, sex and orgasm on testosterone.

For instance:  Does refraining from sex or orgasm improve athletic performance?  Can sex or orgasm hurt gains?  Does ejaculation lower testosterone levels?

How DOES masturbation, sex and orgasm REALLY affect men and women hormonally?

Well, I’m here to give you the low-down on gettin’ down and dirty.

First, let’s look at the effects of poor testosterone levels in men and women, as a bit of a preface.

In women, low testosterone levels can cause increased fatigue and exhaustion, weight gain and difficulty losing weight, low sex drive, mood swings, depression, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and hair loss.

In men, low testosterone levels can cause the acquisition of feminine characteristics, cause anemia, muscle loss, reduced bone mass, fertility issues, abnormal fat gain, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, reduced penile sensitivity, difficulty reaching orgasm, lower ejaculate volume, fatigue, reduced stamina, depression, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and poor cholesterol levels.

Now that we’ve established that low-testosterone can cause poor health and reduced quality of life in both men and women, which SHOULD go without saying, let’s dive into the research on how masturbation, sex and orgasm, or the lack thereof, can actually affect the big T in both sexes.

There’s a popular belief that ejaculation or masturbation will negatively impact testosterone values, and subsequently our athletic performance.

To quote the character Mickey to Rocky, in the film of the same name:  “Women weaken legs!”

Even my own Kyokushin Sensei suggests that having sex prior to a fight is a bad idea.  And recommends no sexual contact for a full week before a fight.

But, is this popular belief true?  Will sex make men softies?

The answer is no!  In reality, according to research, testosterone levels in men are unaffected by ejaculation.

But, this outcome does appear to be different for women.

In women, masturbation, sexual desire, and arousal are all positively associated with higher testosterone values.

So, regardless of gender, ejaculation or masturbation do NOT ADVERSELY affect testosterone values.  And it appears women actually benefit from embracing their sexuality, and should engage in masturbation for positive testosterone effects.

However, given this interesting difference between the genders, I need to get more specific for the ladies.  Guys, I will get back to you in a moment.

In women, testosterone levels are at their highest when regularly sexually-active with their partners.  Specifically immediately before sex and after.  Testosterone levels are actually lower in women who are away from their partners for prolonged periods of time, or in women who do not engage in sex with their partners for periods of 17 days or longer.

However, in the situation of being away from one’s partner, women experience a significant increase in testosterone in anticipation of reuniting with their partner, but also the day after their first sexual encounter with that partner since being apart.

Furthermore, women who experience orgasm from sex with their partner have higher testosterone levels than those who do not, but this increase returns to baseline by the following day.

And at this point, I think it is imperative to note closeness to a partner in both sexual and non-sexual capacities also appears beneficial to testosterone levels in women in both the short and long term.  Thus, relationship commitment cannot be understated!

The takeaway for women?

1.  Masturbation, sexual desire, and arousal are healthy for your testosterone levels.  Don’t be shy about them.

2.  Regular sexual activity is healthy for your testosterone levels, and absence of sexual activity of any sort is detrimental to your testosterone levels.  Given my first point, if you do not have a partner, be sure to handle business yourself.  And, fear not if you need to be apart from your partner… you can masturbate during the separation, and your testosterone will soar once reunited!

3.  Achieving orgasm benefits your testosterone values versus not.  So, ensure that you do — during a sexual encounter or while flying solo.

4.  Most importantly, forget meaningless encounters.  Your short and long-term testosterone health are benefited by closeness and commitment with a significant other.

Now, back to the men… where there is a noteworthy difference.

Unlike with women abstinence from ejaculation can actually have a POSITIVE impact on testosterone.  After 7 days of such, testosterone levels peak up to 145.7% above the baseline.

However, it needs to be noted that no further changes occur to testosterone levels given a longer period of abstinence.  Beyond 7 days.

And even still, this increase needs to be followed by a dose of perspective.

For a male with average testosterone levels within normal, healthy range, or approx. 679 ng/dL, this increase from a 7 day abstinence would raise levels up to a hair over 989 ng/dL.  Which would still fall below the upper-level of healthy range, which is considered 1070 ng/dL.

However, without actually increasing testosterone levels any noteworthy degree ABOVE the normal range, there would be no significant disparity in the effects on body composition compared to those with only average testosterone levels, or those with levels anywhere within the normal range in fact.

Even at the upper-end of normal range.

This is also why natural testosterone boosters are total and utter bullshit, and waste of your money.

Thus, for the majority of guys, abstaining from sex purely for some pre-conceived performance enhancement benefit is pointless.

Especially if you are involved with a girl, and you want what’s best for her hormones and correlated health.

Given what I’ve previously discussed with regards to the ladies… don’t deny them sexual activity with you.  I shouldn’t even have to fucking say that, should I?

Remember, ejaculation does not affect male testosterone one way or the other.  You won’t lose any gains, you’ll keep your lover happy, and you will be receiving a regular supply of sex with the girl you love.  Total win for the both of you!

Now, everyone owes science a thanks.  And me for hookin’ you all up!

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