One Trait Women Find Irresistible (New RESEARCH!)

I’ve done a number of videos this year aimed at helping men improve themselves, as well as discussing what women specifically find attractive in a man. All of which I’ve supported with research.

And, yeah, I am aware that there are fringe groups like MGTOW who claim to care less about attracting women, but it’s safe to say that the majority of men do not fall in that category. Straight men, that is.

Now, my videos are often blunt, as I don’t give a shit about sugar-coating. There are too many pussy-ass, hippie-dippie, politically-correct channels out there — especially within the vegan community — so if you want a sweet, unoffensive message: you’re in the wrong place.

I hard-push the lifting and strength lifestyle, as I refuse to accept intentional weakness. It’s one thing if you’re somewhere in the process of bettering yourself, and putting in consistent work. But, it’s the complete opposite if you have no real interest in bettering yourself, and think average is entirely acceptable.

Enter some of the types of comments that I’ve received.

I’ve had men try to convince me that women do not care about muscle, or that brains are the most important attribute for a man to possess.

In the case of the latter, I’ve never suggested that this is either-or. I am not suggesting you strive to be an uneducated meathead. But, at the same time, using “brains” as an excuse to remain physically-weak is just as bad in my opinion.

Why not be mentally AND physically formidable?

A great example is Dolph Lundgren. In his prime he was a physically-strong, competitive martial artist. Plus, he sports a 160 IQ, and has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, as well as a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sydney.

Now, in the case of women not caring about muscle, which is something I’ve heard in the comments often enough to warrant a video on the topic — that is simply NOT the case. So, stop deluding yourselves.

Enter the point of this video.

Research as recent as this past December, published by the Royal Society, supports my stance on muscle, strength and physical attraction.

Researchers had created a photo database of shirtless and tank-top-wearing male college students. Their heads were digitally-obscured, thus leaving only their bodies to be assessed. 60 of the men were recruited from their university’s gym, the rest were physically-average. All recruited men were subsequently tested for their physical abilities via weightlifting, grip strength and other measures.

Men and women, all in their teens or early 20’s, were then surveyed and asked to judge how attractive or strong they thought the men were, on a scale of 1 to 7. It is worth noting at this point that the visual perception of the mens’ strength closely-aligned with their actual tested strength.

What the researchers discovered was that over 70% of what determines a man’s attractiveness is his physical strength! If you then factor in tallness and leanness on top of physical strength, that figure rises to 80%. The strongest men were considered the MOST physically-attractive in ALL samples.

In fact, absolutely NONE of the 160 women surveyed showed a preference toward the weaker men. None, nada, zilch. Not a fucking one. Muscle and strength ruled the day.

Now, this doesn’t mean intelligence ISN’T attractive or important, but generally-speaking, women are going to notice your body first. As I’ve said before: a good body with a dose of confidence can secure you a date, but from there it is up to your intelligence and personality if you wish to get any further.

This is similar to how a good resume can secure you a job interview, but even the best resume won’t guarantee you a job if you only look good on paper.

According to the study authors, a strong body signals a hearty immune system and the ability to provide material and social benefits to others. In other words, a strong man has value as a potential protector of women and children, and as an ally to other men. This is innate.

But, this doesn’t mean there aren’t outliers.

Just as there are dudes who chase fat women, there are girls who date twigs that look like they’d snap in a gentle breeze, and girls who date dudes that look like they haven’t seen their own dick in years.

But NONE of those are the norm. And how can we know if those women aren’t settling to “bide their time”?

With such a large percentage of men today embodying utter weakness… women aren’t left with many options.

And in my previous video “Sex and the Pareto Principle”, I discussed just how abysmal those options actually are. And what you, my viewers, can do to improve your sexual market value.

So, for most women, it’s either partner up with whatever they can get at the moment, or remain alone until the right option presents itself. If it ever does. But, you can bet your ass that they’ll trade up given the opportunity. Or they’ll at least try to! And their eyes ARE wandering, believe me.

For some anecdote:

An acquaintance of mine from the gym used to have affairs with married women. These were women who had married for money, but were ultimately dissatisfied sexually with their physically-inadequate husbands. He only stopped doing this when he got involved with his current, long-term girlfriend. But, if he were single again, no doubt he’d revert to that previous lifestyle. As there seems to be no shortage of those sorts of lonely and dissatisfied women, especially here in New York City.

And I’ve personally had random women grope me on the street before on more than one occasion. Completely unsolicited. It wasn’t as though I was inviting it through verbal or physical cues, such as giving them a look, a gesture, or flirting with them in some manner. In most situations, I was simply walking along, going about my business.

And in case you were wondering, they’d typically grab for and rub my biceps.

I’ve also had women blatantly flirt with me or ogle me right in front of their boyfriends, who would end up pulling them closer, like some child clinging to his beloved stuffed toy. Some guys would puff up their chest, quite a humorous display actually. Though, there were also times when the dude was completely oblivious.

In any case, I suggest you check out my video “The SCIENCE of Attracting Women” if you want a more detailed explanation of precisely what level of musculature, and what amount of body fat was determined to be the most appealing to the ladies. Among other things.

And I’ve linked that video in the description for your convenience.

And if you want a purely science-based approach to BUILDING an appealing physique NATURALLY, my eBook “Beast Mode by Science” is a comprehensive BIBLE on training, building a diet, supplementation, and sleep. This eBook focuses mostly on aesthetics.

Whereas my eBooklet “The Upgraded Man” is more training-focused, with only a small section on nutrition. It is less about aesthetics, and more about strength and intimidating size, including building a bigger “yoke”. Think going “bear mode”. I.e., the bouncer or wrestler look, less so the beach-ready look.

And if you’d like, I also offer both products as a bundle with a discount applied.

All of those options are linked down in the description as well as in my pinned comment.

Anyhow, let me know what you all think in the comments below.


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