I’ve got another training tip for you all.

The title isn’t click-bait! I am about to share with you one exercise, yes, ONE, that if performed consistently, can help you pack on lean mass in multiple KEY areas associated with the superhero look… AT ONCE!

Plus, I am going to share with you the science behind WHY this exercise works the way it does. It’s actually a superior variation of a popular exercise.

I call this exercise the ‘chest-supported dumbbell row’, but I’ve also seen it called the ‘dumbbell incline row’ and the ‘prone dumbbell row’. It’s a two-arm version of the dumbbell row where you lay with your chest flush-against an incline bench while performing the movement.

As with any rowing movement, this exercise will obviously targets the lats.

But, it also hits the middle and lower traps, as well as the biceps rather hard. At least according to the EMG data provided by Dr. Bret Contreras.

In fact, it hits the biceps harder than any of the other tested row variations; even heavy underhand-grip barbell rows, which came close-second. But, it also holds its own against, if not surpassing, the other row variations in terms of lats and traps activation!

It even stands up against many popular curl exercises when it comes to biceps activation, even flat-out beating some of them!

Ergo, the chest-supported dumbbell row is not only a great lats-builder, but it will also develop a significant portion of your traps, as well as grow your biceps!

But, it gets even better!

Another EMG study, this time conducted by The American Council on Exercise, found that the chest-supported dumbbell row significantly-activates the lateral deltoids more than any other tested deltoids exercise, this includes the ever-popular lateral raise and the upright row!

Furthermore, it significantly-activates the posterior deltoids, which isn’t a surprise when you consider the mechanics of the movement.

We see a similar situation occurring with the inverted row in Bret’s EMG work.

In conclusion, not only can the chest-supported dumbbell row build your lats, traps and biceps, but it can also widen and thicken your shoulders!

And, wide shoulders and lats, plus a developed set of arms, are all hallmarks of a male superhero’s physique.

Plus, wide shoulders and lats are 2-out-of-3 elements required for developing a v-taper.

A look which was exemplified by the “golden era” bodybuilders such as 3-time Mr. Olympia Frank Zane.

The third element of a v-taper is a small waist, which reducing body fat can help you achieve. But, you can also create the ILLUSION of a smaller waist by developing your shoulders and back, which the chest-supported dumbbell row can help you do.

Moreover, research has demonstrated that women find a muscular, v-shaped upper body on a man to be very attractive. Combined, of course, with a body fat percentage between 9 and 12.

As demonstrated in figures B and C from that study.

So, it should come as no surprise that I feature this exercise in three of my science-based training eBooks, “Beast Mode by Science”, “The Upgraded Man”, and even “The Upgraded Woman”, all of which are linked below in the description and in my pinned comment for those interested. In fact, use the coupon code ROW30 to receive 30% off any of those three eBooks for a limited time, including the eBook bundle offer.

So, if you haven’t tried the chest-supported dumbbell row, I strongly recommend that you give it a go during your next full body, upper body, pull, or back-focused training session.

And, don’t worry ladies, this exercise won’t make you look like a dude. You’re only going to develop what your genetics and structure would naturally allow for as a female. Unless, of course, you’re taking certain male hormone “supplements”.

So, you’re going to end up looking more like Wonder Woman, rather than something along the lines of this.

Drugs are bad, m’kay, but training is not.

So, don’t fear the row! Embrace it.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.



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