My Views on Homosexuality (Science & Opinion)

I was asked recently what I thought about homosexuality, and if I think it is normal.

I’ve actually been asked this question before, so I figured I’d just do a friggin’ video on the topic. I am sure many are curious given that I am politically right-of-center and a conservative.

I am also equally-sure my answer will likely piss some people off.

Oh well, can’t please everyone. Nor should you EVER try!

I do want to preface this video by pointing out that homosexuality is not human-exclusive.

In fact, it is known to exist across all species.

Ergo, it appears to be naturally-occurring.

And there are historic examples of homosexuality, like in ancient Greece and Rome, for example, so you can’t blanketly blame homosexuality on “something in the water”. And I say this because there are conspiracy theorists who, indeed, have tried.

Though, the herbicide atrazine, which Alex Jones famously accused of “turning the frogs gay”, has been demonstrated to decrease testosterone, demasculinize, suppress mating, reduce sperm count, and reduce fertility in frogs.

And while that is all very bad, I don’t see any evidence that it is “turning them gay” per se.

Now, to the point of this video: I don’t personally have any issues with homosexuals.

I do take issue with a homosexual making sexual threats toward me, as one dude did over Facebook who attended my gym back in ’16, and I covered that incident, and how I handled it, in a video titled “My Experience With Sexual Harassment In The Gym”, which I’ve linked in the description.

But, that’s because I take issue with reprehensible behavior. The assailant just happened to be gay, which is likely why he threatened to grab my nipples and wanted to see my junk.

When women have made undesired, even physical advances toward me in the past, I’ve also responded bluntly — albeit, not in a physically-confrontational manner, since they were women, and couldn’t overpower me on their best day.

And I’ve had that happen with women in two different professional jobs, back in 2008 and 2010, as well as at a pre-college Summer program I was invited to attend back in 1998.

Shitty behavior is shitty behavior, whether perpetrated by a gay dude, a straight female, or whoever.

Now, I do think homosexuality is deviant, but I am calling homosexuality “deviant” for biological reasons.

One of the biological imperatives of any organism is reproduction, which ensures the perpetuation of said organism’s existence.

Outside of modern technology and/or programs which enable gay couples to become parents of children sharing at least one of the partner’s genes, gays, historically, would’ve been generally unable to satisfy the biological imperative of reproduction.

Unless, of course, a surrogate was somehow arranged.

But, I don’t even know if that sort of thing even occurred in ancient times… I’ve not actually researched that to know.

Nor how frequent such an arrangement would’ve been available to ancient gays.

The root point is: two men or two women are not, organically, going to produce offspring TOGETHER. Thus, I label homosexual pairings “biologically-deviant”, because natural baby-production requires a vagina and a dick, or more specifically an egg and sperm.

In any case, as I said, I have no inherent issues with homosexuals. And they can be productive members of a given community.

In fact, they tend to be better educated and earn higher incomes than their heterosexual counterparts. At least according to US Census Bureau data.

And income is taxed, which contributes to a given community. Etc.

So, there you have it: my thoughts on homosexuality. For what it’s worth.

Anyway, leave your comments and questions below.



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