My View Has CHANGED! (Public Service Announcement)

I felt it was my responsibility to do this video!

While my channel isn’t exactly large, I DO have a growing subscriber base who loyally-watch my videos each week. So, whenever I am genuinely wrong about something, or new data comes to light on a given topic, clarifying the matter just feels like the right thing to do.

Especially when so many folks follow my advice on lifting, nutrition, and even life!

As many of you know, for years I’ve used coconut oil in cooking and baking. And especially when engaging in a vegan ketogenic dietary phase. And I’ve promoted the use of coconut oil time and again on this channel.

However, since early August, I’ve dropped the coconut oil, and made a switch to vegetable oil whenever I use an oil for dietary consumption.

And I use this product in particular, which is organic, non-GMO, and expeller-pressed. And I’ve linked to it in the description for those that may be interested.

Research has shown that even a high-fat, vegan ketogenic diet relying on nuts and vegetable oil as fat sources, still demonstrates lipid-lowering effects.

So, what’s wrong with coconut oil?

After reviewing over 100 research papers published since the 1950s, the American Heart Association released an advisory warning against the consumption of coconut oil due to its 82% saturated fat content. They elaborated that coconut oil has been shown to raise LDL cholesterol as much as butter, beef fat, and palm oil!

Yes, you heard that right, coconut oil and palm oil can be as bad for your heart health as animal-based fats!

Keep in mind, the long-term Adventist Cohort studies, which had involved 151,332 participants in total as of 2002, found that vegans possess a 26%-to-68% LOWERED risk of mortality from ischemic heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and cerebrovascular disease than do meat-eaters.

But, it appears that you can counter that benefit of a vegan diet for yourself simply by consuming coconut and/or palm oils.

Though, interestingly enough, Dr. Frank Sacks, the lead author of the advisory that was released by the American Heart Association, isn’t actually against frying or even deep-frying foods. Rather, it’s about the TYPES of fats that are used to do so!

The better alternatives include canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil, as they are all low in saturated fats, and largely composed of monounsaturated fats.

Just some food for thought… no pun intended.

So, you can still enjoy indulgent vegan fare, just switch up the type of fat which you use to prepare it.

Of course, if you over-consume calories, even with comparatively healthful food choices, you still run the risk of joining the ranks of approximately 160 million Americans who are currently either obese or overweight!

Just remember, there’s more than one way to kill yourself with food!

Anyway, stir up discussion in the comments below.


Native Harvest Organic Non-GMO Naturally Expeller Pressed Vegetable Oil, 1 Litre (33.8 FL OZ)

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