MORE Testosterone & MORE Sperm (WITH THIS VEGAN FOOD!)

You saw the title, you clicked, and I won’t disappoint! This isn’t some gimmick.

This week I share with you a case-control, longitudinal clinical study published in the Tikrit Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, which is a peer-reviewed journal out of Iraq. In places like Iraq, people can’t readily afford treatments such as TRT, so researchers are always seeking viable alternatives. This study is one case in point. Researchers had examined 40 married men, aged 18-40, who had sub-optimal sperm quantity, and were unable to have children. Half of the men were given a placebo containing 2 grams of wheat bran per day, the other half were administered 2 grams of nigella sativa per day. The study lasted for three months.

Nigella sativa, also known as black sativa or fennel flower, is flowering plant native to south and southwest Asia. A tablespoon of its seeds contains 20 calories, 2.3 grams of fiber, and about a gram of protein, while also dishing out a dose of calcium, vitamin C, iron and magnesium.

But, those are just surface benefits!

This paper found that nigella sativa consumption leads to a significant increase in testosterone levels, by about 32%, as well as increases in luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone levels, by about 62% and 39% respectively. Furthermore, sperm count increased by approx. 39%, sperm motility by approx. 60%, sperm viability by approx. 47%, and ejaculate volume by approx. 13%. Whereas the results in the placebo group did not show any significant changes whatsoever.

In other words, significantly higher testosterone, and significantly higher quality and quantity of sperm in just three months of nigella sativa consumption. And this was chalked-up to the enhanced FSH and LH release as a result of consuming nigella sativa.

According to the researchers, the present study recommends the use of nigella sativa as a single treatment for male infertility, or complementary with another fertility therapy.

Now, I am no doctor, but if you have a genuine medical condition, such as hypogonadism, I would never recommend that you utilize a herbal treatment alone. But, I don’t see how it would hurt to use nigella sativa as a supplementary avenue on top of, say, TRT.

I also want to make it clear that a 32% increase in testosterone will NOT give you steroid-like muscle growth. However, it may improve your body composition via heightened fat loss ability.

And I covered why that is the case, with supportive research, in an old 2016 video titled “The Truth About Testosterone Boosters!” I’ve linked that video below. Do check it out for more on that topic.

Nonetheless, I still wouldn’t shake a stick at 32% more of the big T! Because that’s 32% more of the stuff that makes you a man!

The healthy range for testosterone in males is about 270 to 1,070 ng/dL, with an average level of 679 ng/dL.

So, let’s say you sit around 679 ng/dL, or about average, 3 months of nigella sativa consumption could kick you up to a little over 896 ng/dL! And if you sit at the bottom-end of healthy, or 270 ng/dL, 3 months of nigella sativa consumption could bring you up to a little over 356 ng/dL. Thus, you would no longer be dangerously-riding on the border of deficiency.

And, beyond just testosterone, you’ll also be shooting bigger loads, which will also be packing a greater quality and quantity of sperm! So, if you are trying to get your girl pregnant, or even just want to hose her down like some kind of perverted firefighter, nigella sativa may help you out in that department too!

In fact, I’ve just received a bag of the seeds myself, and have begun using them. I paid $12.99 for an organic product that, at the daily researched dose, will last me 6 months! That’s about 2 bucks a month, or 7 cents per day!

And I’ve linked to that product below for your convenience. So, why not join me on this quest for self-improvement?

Check the description of this video, click the link, and pick up a bag.

If you’re curious how nigella sativa tastes, it is a bit strong. It reminds me of black pepper in both smell and flavor.

I grind a half-a-teaspoon of it with a tablespoon of flax seeds, and sprinkle that over the veggies in my first meal, like a seasoning.

Half-a-teaspoon of the product I purchased yields 2.5 grams of whole nigella sativa seeds, which is 0.5 grams above the researched dose. So, I am getting a little more than enough per day to elicit an effect.

Now, I would like to see further human studies on nigella sativa, with a larger sample size than 40. And I would especially like to see if the seeds have the same effect on healthy men without fertility and/or androgen issues. But, for now, these results are promising nonetheless, and the seeds are not expensive considering the quantity that you get. Plus, they have a healthful nutrition profile, so even if my testosterone is ultimately unaffected, I am still getting nutritional benefit from them via dietary fat, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. It’s a whole food, after all, not a supplement.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.


My video “The Truth About Testosterone Boosters!”

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The use of Nigella sativa as a single agent in treatment of male infertility

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