How to Make Wheat Gluten More Anabolic Than Whey INSTANTLY!

I just wanted to do a quick video for everyone to provide a little trick that can instantly make vital wheat gluten MORE anabolic than whey protein isolate!

Just for a little background, whey is rated as one of the top protein sources when it comes to protein quality and digestibility. Right up there with soy.

Whereas, wheat gluten falls 75% LOWER on the same scale than whey or soy, and it contains at least 3.8% less leucine content than does whey isolate.

That’s where this trick comes in!

Since vegans cannot consume whey, for the sake of protein variety, I thought this would make for useful content for my viewers. And wheat gluten is very popular among non-Celiac vegans.

It may also be useful for anyone who has purchased my new e-book, which you’ll find linked below, who may be looking for ways to hit their protein targets as discussed in the detailed nutrition section.

I pulled this trick from a 2012 study which examined the role of leucine content from dietary protein in the regulation of muscle protein synthesis after a meal.

I do want to note one thing… that study was NOT on humans, but rats. However, I don’t see why this wouldn’t work in humans given the nature of what you would be doing.

Now, here’s the simple trick: add free-form leucine to any meals containing wheat gluten, and increase muscle protein synthesis of that meal by OVER 1.6 times that of wheat gluten alone… even surpassing whey protein isolate, which sits at the top of the PDCAAS scale.

So, now you may be wondering… how much leucine do I need to take?

Well… I could not ascertain how much free-form leucine the rats were fed precisely, maybe I missed something, but another paper from 2012 found that in older HUMAN adults, adding 4 grams of leucine to low-protein meals appears to be sufficient!

And while that study was not performed on wheat gluten specifically, it does support the findings from the wheat gluten study, AND it was performed on humans.

On that note, if you’re American, and looking for a place that sells bulk, VEGAN leucine powder… check out the link in the description.

There, you can pick up 100 grams of leucine for only $7.49. And if you use my affiliate code, VEGNUT5, you will get at least 5% off that price, while also supporting me… as I use True Nutrition myself.

Just a word of warning though: Leucine is rather bitter tasting — so you may wish to chase it back with some fruit juice. Citrus juices tend to work best, I find.

It is also hydrophobic, so it may take about 5 minutes to dissolve into water.

Anyhow, let me know what you think in the comments.


Leucine content of dietary proteins is a determinant of postprandial skeletal muscle protein synthesis in adult rats.

Leucine supplementation chronically improves muscle protein synthesis in older adults consuming the RDA for protein

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