How to Live Longer (WITH 2-3 SERVINGS OF THIS!)

There are some that might find the following advice controversial, and it is ultimately up to you and your tolerances as to whether or not you can apply this to your life.

However, if you have restrictive orders from your doctor, I strongly advise you continue to follow them.

But, if you are able to apply what I am sharing in this video — research shows that you CAN increase your life span! Here’s how.

Last year, a large comprehensive study was published to determine coffee consumption’s effect on telomere length.

Due to my obsession with anti-aging, I’ve discussed the all-important telomere in previous videos.

To rehash: essentially, they’re the protective “caps” at the ends of your chromosomes.

Think of them like the plastic caps at the ends of your shoe laces. When those caps deteriorate, your shoe laces begin to unravel and fall apart.

This is much the same with telomeres and your chromosomes — you do NOT want your telomeres to shorten!

Many age-related diseases are linked to shortened telomeres, and the shorter your telomeres, the shorter your life span.

This brings us back to this awesome study!

After correcting the research data for age, smoking habits, bodyweight, physical exercise, alcohol consumption, and quality of diet — the researchers found that those who drank 2-3 cups of caffeinated coffee per day, specifically, possessed the greatest telomere length!

Any more than 3 cups, and the researchers witnessed a 6% reduction in benefits. Under 2-3 cups, and there was a 20 – 29% reduction in benefits.

So the optimal dosing is pretty precise!

As for why caffeinated coffee out-performs decaf, the researchers don’t actually know.

They do suggest, based on 2009 research, that caffeine either:

a) protects the beneficial substances in coffee from breaking down or, b) lends toward greater bioavailability of these substances.

Either way, caffeinated coffee is key.

So, barring any condition that you may have which would render you better off not consuming the black stuff… you might want to consider adding 2-3 cups to your daily routine for longer telomeres, and a subsequently healthier and longer life!

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