Laughed At by Women, Mocked by Other Men

I received an email this past Sunday, it was from a viewer of mine, with the subject line “Which Program Is Right For Me?”, which read: “Hello Mr. McCarthy, I am very insecure about my height and body. I was wondering what your advice would be to look more masculine? As a 5’6 male I am often times laughed at by females and mocked by other males. It really pisses me off and I need to do something about it. I would love to hear some advice from you since you look masculine.”

I thought this would make for a great video topic, as I get men writing to me every now and then with this conundrum or similar; and a video has the capacity to reach a broad audience, especially men who might be too shy to reach out as this viewer had.

First of all, and this cannot be understated, a bit of confidence goes a long way. Regardless of your physical appearance, generally-speaking of course. And I’ve seen what many would consider to be physically-undesirable men get on well with other dudes and date women who most folks might consider out of their league; even when these men don’t possess a juicy wallet!

Each of those men had a few things in common: self-confidence, a sense of humor and charisma. None of those men allowed traits such as, but not limited to, carrying extra fat, balding or standing below 5’9 to put a chip on their shoulders or allow them to develop a defeatist attitude.

So, work on your self-confidence; just keep your ego in check in the process, as being a pompous or arrogant prick isn’t attractive either!

But, I will add that you’re on the right path; you seek self-improvement! It takes a real man to recognize that he has areas which beckon improvement, but moreover, being willing to do what is necessary to achieve said improvement; instead of making excuses or throwing a pity party for oneself, neither of which will attract women or earn you the respect of other men.

Now, with regards to your height, there isn’t anything you can do, at least not in the gym, that will really alter that. Though, good posture, which lifting can assist with, will indeed make you look taller simply by keeping you more upright and giving you an air of confidence in how you carry yourself. Believe me, this can make a huge impression on how people view you!

And developing a strong body will also render you above average in at least one area of life: physical fitness. An area that speaks loudly to the world even when your mouth is firmly shut.

To elaborate, according to the CDC, 80% of Americans don’t even follow the most BASIC, weekly exercise recommendations put forth by the American government. And according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 8.9% of American adults engage in regular weightlifting.

Ergo, if you are an adult who exercises each week in ANY capacity, you are in the top 20%. However, if you actively lift weights, you are within the top 9%!

Not to mention that being physically fit screams of being “dedicated” and “motivated”, which are attractive qualities to possess.

And, again, that’s just with regards to fitness; perhaps you’re also a talented guitarist, pianist, painter or poet, or maybe you’re a math genius. All traits, skills and talents that you possess can serve to make you stand out even more. So, don’t lose sight of that! Take an inventory of yourself, but be honest. Don’t be fake.

As for what program of mine I’d recommend for you, that depends on what your goals are and what you have available to you. I have programs for pure size and I have programs that’ll get you diced. I also have a program that can force stubborn arms into newfound growth!

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Yeah, the workouts are rather brief, but they’ll kick your ass into the best shape of your life! You’ll sweat, you’ll suck wind, it’ll hurt… but in a good way… and you’ll see quick results if you stick to it, along with the diet setup, supplement advice and other lifestyle tips inside.

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Just keep in mind, no amount of good looks, awesome physique, talent or skill is going to impress anyone if you are a total jerk, void of personality or lack confidence in yourself. So, don’t just work on how you look or what you can do, also work on how you engage with the world and others around you.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.



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