It’s Not R@CIST! (It’s Biology!)


This is a topic I wasn’t planning on making a video about, but then on April 9th, some new, very interesting data was published. Something that actually affects us all, so everyone should take heed.

But, first, a little context.

It is no doubt that many of you, by now, have seen news articles elaborating on the higher illness and death rate from COVID-19 among African Americans.

In fact, similar is happening among the UK’s Somali community, as well as in Norway and in Sweden.

And there are reasons for this, one, that I would assume everyone recognizes, would be the higher rate of obesity among Blacks. Even when depression is controlled for.

And obesity is a risk factor for the top 3 comorbidities among COVID-19 deaths.

But, there is one genetic factor many folks don’t seem to realize, and that is that blacks, in the northern hemisphere, suffer from higher rates of vitamin D deficiency, which is is primarily due to the fact that pigmentation reduces vitamin D production in the skin.

It really isn’t rocket science.

Just think of the kinds of places light-skinned Europeans had evolved in, versus the kinds of places darker-skinned folks had evolved in.

Dramatically different!

This is, conversely, why whites living in places like Australia, suffer from higher rates of skin cancer due to the difference in UV light intensity ‘down under’.

Europeans simply did not evolve for that sort of environment. It’s biology.

So, by settling in such places that are foreign to our genetics, we are taking a health risk and need to pursue extra precautions to mitigate the risk.

And that leads me to this new research that we ALL must listen closely to, especially being cooped-up in our homes during lockdown.

New research appears to demonstrate that when someone’s serum vitamin D levels are high, the symptoms from COVID-19 infection are almost always mild. On the flip side, when someone’s vitamin D levels are low, the greater the symptoms from COVID-19 infection… and the more serious that they are. Thus, the researchers conclude that vitamin D supplementation could possibly improve clinical outcomes for patients infected with COVID-19.

Granted, further research such as randomized controlled trials and large population studies are recommended to evaluate these findings.

But, it makes sense. And it isn’t expensive to throw a vitamin D supplement into your daily regimen.

Just as I would sunscreen-the-hell-up, wear sunglasses and hat in Australia… darker-skinned folks living in the northern hemisphere might want to consider a vitamin D supplement.

Even lighter-skinned folks might want to consider one, especially if you receive very little sun under the current circumstances.

In fact, this is the vegan D3 product that I personally use and have been using; I even purchased another bottle today… as you can see.

And I’ve linked to that product below for those who are interested.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.


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