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I’ve ragged plenty of times on the ways that militants and intersectionals harm the vegan movement. But, I feel that a recent “conversation” that I had with a fellow on Facebook provides a perfect example of the problem… as I see it.

Now, allow me to take you through that exchange to provide you with the appropriate context. So, just sit back and enjoy the drama… as well as some well-placed red pills.

A fellow that I’m friends with on Facebook had recently posted that “presidential candidates are openly talking about population control in the debates. What the fuck. Wake up people!”

Of course, that caught my interest, so I decided to read through the replies. I will admit, I was specifically looking for folks to troll.

That’s when I came across the following response, “do you mean they’re just talking about our overpopulation problem?”, to which my Facebook friend replied: “no, there is not an “overpopulation” problem.”

Of course, the other guy responded with, “based on what?”

And that’s where I came in. I couldn’t help myself.

I pointed out that he was over-generalizing. That one needs to control for population figures by specific groups, and not lump all of them together. I expanded upon this by explaining that Europeans and the Japanese, for example, are currently breeding well-below replacement levels, with the exception of European Catholics; but Catholics alone cannot sustain the European population as a whole.

And data supporting my statement is available to anyone who would just take the time to seek it out.

In fact, I’ve previously discussed population figures, providing all of my references, in an older video from January 2018. Do check that video out if you’d like to learn more about the topic. I’d rather not repeat myself.

Anyway, this guy, as expected, argued that humans are destroying the planet and all life on it, and that we should ALL be breeding below replacement level.

I explained to him that I am both pro-human and pro-eugenic breeding. And I added a clarification that STUPID people should be breeding below replacement level, not people in general.

My Facebook friend liked and agreed with my statement, and the other guy asked me what I meant by “pro-human”.

In response to my Facebook friend, I shared research demonstrating that liberals tend to be more emotionally-driven than conservatives, but that idiots are not unique to either side of the political spectrum. My focus here was more so on intelligence, and not so much partisanship. To emphasize the importance of intelligence, I followed with research demonstrating positive outcomes associated with higher-IQ people and nations, and drove my point about eugenic breeding home by sharing research findings that IQ is as much as 80-86% heritable!

Ergo, our PARENTS play the largest role in how bright or dim any of us will be. As such, factors ranging from environment, to education, to poverty, to nutrition, etc. ALL play as little as 14-20% of a role in our potential intelligence. And them’s fightin’ words to most, if not all leftists… and you know I love to trigger!

In response to the other guy, I explained that being “pro-human” means that I ultimately prioritize what is beneficial for humans and humankind over animals. I provided the example that if I had to make the choice between saving a cow’s life or saving a fellow human’s, that I’d choose the human in nearly all circumstances… barring, of course, possessing knowledge that the human I would be saving is a rapist, murderer, or some other detriment to society.

And, of course, this sumbitch claimed that was ‘speciesism’, to which I replied that I could give a damn about stupid “-ism” labels, and that people can call me whatever they like. He also made it clear that he does not consider me a vegan.

I explained to him that I am, INDEED, a vegan, by definition, per the Vegan Society. And that nowhere does the definition require that I prioritize animal life over human life. It simply states that I should not consume or use animal products. That I should not exploit animals. Which I do not. But, alas, he had already fled the conversation by that point.

You see, it is behavior like that which drives people away. It makes folks feel unwelcome or excluded. It makes vegans look like extremist whack jobs. It is NOT doing veganism any favors.

I mean, how dare I consider a human’s life to be more valuable than, say, a cow’s? How dare I, as a human, consider other humans, members of my own fuckin’ species, to be part of my in-group? Apparently, by doing so, I am excluded from veganism.

I wish I could say that fellow was a lone example of this sort of mentality and/or behavior, but he is most certainly not.

You see, definitions exist for a reason, so we should not be bastardizing them.

I consider this behavior to be as harmful as someone with, say, a prominent tattoo of the word “vegan”, being spotted at, say, a sporting event consuming a beef hot dog.

Something I’ve also seen floating around Facebook recently. And, yes, apparently the dude pictured has since admitted that it was a real, beef hot dog. That he isn’t a strict vegan, despite what his tattoo would imply.

Both examples give the wrong impression about what it means to be a vegan, and what sort of people are vegans. And can confuse folks who might be first encountering or considering veganism. It might even turn them away, depending on the context.

They might think, “vegans consider humans and animals to have the same value? That seems a little extreme to me.” Or, in with latter example, “oh! It looks like I can be vegan but still eat hot dogs on certain occasions?”

But what do you really expect from a group of people who have wilfully out-aged and/or shunned starting their own families… forming their own tribes… for this reason or that, and have compensated for that very natural instinct with, say, collecting cats.

Sometimes lots and lots of cats.

Sometimes lots and lots and LOTS of fucking cats.

I suppose the upside is that leftists like this will remove themselves from the gene pool on their own. And they actually are in an significant way.

According to recent data from the General Social Survey, conservatives are currently having children at a rate 41% HIGHER than liberals.

At this rate, the future could be very right-wing!

Lets also not forget the left’s passion for access to birth control and abortion-on-demand, which certainly doesn’t help their numbers.

Remember what Napoleon said: “never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

And on that note, isn’t this good reason to STOP driving right-leaning folks away from veganism? I mean, do you want veganism to essentially perish after all of the lefties have exited the gene pool stage left? Just sayin’.

Anyway, let me know what you all think in the comments below.


Republicans Have More Kids Than Democrats. A Lot More Kids. https://www.fatherly.com/health-science/republicans-have-more-children/

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