How to Spot a Fake Vegan: Jon Venus


As many of you know, I don’t typically do “drama” or response videos, but I felt I had something very specific to say about Jon Venus’ recent egg admission.

Or “Jon Weenus”, as some might say.

Now, I’ve defended Jon in the past; back when Durianrider was accusing him of being on the sauce.

But, as many of you likely know by now, Jon released a video on December 1st admitting to consuming a carton of 12 eggs about a year ago.

I’ve linked that video below for you all to go and watch if you like… for at least as long as Jon leaves it up. After all, he is no stranger to deleting videos due to backlash.

Now, I am not making this video to criticize Jon for CONSUMING eggs. Rather, I am criticizing his dishonesty and unscrupulous business practices relating to consuming those eggs.

Jon CLAIMS he has been vegan ever since, but all we can really do is take his word for that. However, trust has understandably been breached at this point.

Not only did it take Jon at least ONE FUCKING YEAR to be honest and open about his egg consumption, no matter how brief it may have been, but if you scroll back to the videos he was producing a year ago, it becomes clear that he was actually just posing.

Granted, Jon doesn’t really generate much income from YouTube ads. At least not currently.

Social Blade estimates Jon has earned $89 – $1,400 USD in the last 30 days, but I’d narrow that to something more like $350 – $700 USD going by my own experience with how views translate to revenue.

So, he really isn’t making much from his videos, despite his subscriber count being around 363,000. In fact, that is actually a poor conversion rate given the size of his channel.

I mean, Jason Blaha, who has over 3 times FEWER followers than Jon, and is generally disliked by… well… everyone, made at least twice as much from ad revenue as Jon during this past month… though still less than Jason claims. Sorry, but $600 – $1,200 USD per month doesn’t equate to $50,000 or more per year. Not even fucking close!

However, Jon DOES use his social media status as a means to promote his custom diet and workout plans, his coaching services, and even a vegan recipe eBook, which is clearly labeled “vegan”, as you can see here.

So, basically, Jon has been profiting from dishonesty.

Much in the same way “fake natties”, like Mike O’Hearn, profit from their drug-fueled physiques via workout and diet plans, coaching, supplement contracts, etc. that the naive and uninitiated fall for.

In fact, Jon’s situation reminds me, in a way, of what happened with Raw Alignment. How it took her a good while before she FINALLY admitted that she wasn’t a vegan. Despite maintaining the lie that she was on social media for attention, profit, and whatever-the-fuck-else.

Jon is also an “ambassador” of Vivo Life, a plant based supplement company, from which he earns income by way of his affiliate code, as seen here.

But, last I checked, eggs are NOT plants!

As I said before, my issue isn’t that Jon decided to consume eggs, rather my issue is with his dishonesty. And arguably worse: profiting FROM said dishonesty.

And given that Jon is a public figure with quite a substantial following on more than one social media platform, this hardly sets a good example. At the very least, it demonstrates that dishonesty pays off.

It also makes you wonder what else Jon’s been lying about. Just sayin’.

Remember, veganism is a lifestyle, it’s not just a diet. The diet is but one aspect of the total package. So, let’s not bastardize definitions. Nor should we fan the flames of the anti-vegan community; Lord knows they already love accusing many vegans of being “fake” as it is!

Anyway, I’ve said all I have to say on this topic. I am sure there will be devout Jon Venus dick-riders who are gonna swoop in and defend his actions, but I stand by my position on this matter.

If YOU are the type who supports deceit, then that’s on you, and speaks volumes about your character.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments on this matter below. Do you agree with my position? If you don’t, please explain why you feel that I am wrong.


Jon Venus’ video “I tried eating eggs | Opening up”

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