WATCH NOW to discover the OPTIMAL amount carbohydrates you should be consuming each day TO LOWER YOUR RISK OF DYING! (Hint: it's LOWER than what you may have been led to believe!) Also, find out what happens when you substitute plant-based fat and protein sources for animal-based fat and protein sources. Big, newly-published research!
Re: Cannibalism & the Risk + Nutrition of Human Meat
My previous video garnered a mixed-reaction from folks. Some were downright triggered, some were in shock, and some got the joke and played along. But, there was still some truth to my words. This video offers a clarification to my previous video, but also provides some further twisted knowledge you won't be able to unhear!
Vegan Black Pill & Veganism in a Collapse
This video has been created due to comments I had received inquiring about whether I've taken a black pill with regards to veganism. I also wanted to discuss the realities of veganism after a societal collapse, or in an extreme survival scenario.
Music, Your Testosterone and Your Mental Health!
Find out what your taste in music says about your testosterone levels, and what one genre can do for your mental health!
Vegan Full Day of KETOGENIC Eating – Muscle + Strength!
In this video I walk you through a full-day of eating vegan ketogenic style! Complete with a look at the scientific literature.
Why I’m a Right-Wing Vegan (Logic, Science, Politics, Philosophy, Etc.)
Time to get a little personal with my viewers. Maybe you'll learn something or will relate?
One Trait Women Find Irresistible (New RESEARCH!)
This won't likely shock many of you, but it will certainly put a wrench in the gears of some guys' excuse-making. Watch to discover what trait new research has concluded that women find irresistible in a man!
The Best Lower Body Exercise (YOU’RE NOT DOING!!)
If I had to pick one exercise that I hardly EVER see anyone doing, let alone under heavy resistance... it would be this (watch to find out)! By passing this lift up, not only are you missing out on gains, but you are failing to optimize your athletic, strength, stability, and sexual potential... among other documented benefits.
Sex and the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule)
It is said that 80% of women desire to mate with the top 20% of men, which leaves the remaining, bottom 80% of men at somewhat of a loss when it comes to finding a (decent) partner. Watch this video to find out where you truly rank compared with other men, and what you may do to improve your standing.
The TRUTH About Incels (Involuntary Celibacy)
In this video I examine the topic of involuntary celibacy, or Incels. The effects, causes, repercussions, and even possible solutions. It's a mix of information, motivation, and a hearty rant.