The Dangerous TRUTH About Modern Relationships (RESEARCH BASED!)
In talking with a friend by phone recently, who is recovering from an unfaithful husband with a personality disorder that I have experience with, I got the idea to do a video on the topic of modern relationships and infidelity. Just how bad is it out there? In this video, I look at the research and statistics to provide you with the facts!
My Views on Homosexuality (Science & Opinion)
People have often asked me what I think about gays, lesbians, and homosexuality, especially as someone who is conservative and politically right-of-center. This video offers my response.
Vegan vs Paul McCartney (WIRED)
This is my video response to part of Paul McCartney's recent interview with WIRED where he discussed his vegetarianism. A video titled "Paul McCartney Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions".
It is estimated that up to 80% of the population will experience at least one episode of back pain at some point in their lives. But, that doesn't necessarily mean you need to stop training. It may just mean you need to intelligently adjust your approach to adapt for a time. This video discusses one way that I've successfully done just that!
THIS Is Linked to Reduced Risk of Early Death (JUST PUBLISHED!)
Large-scale, brand-spankin'-new research finds that simply adhering to THIS can lower one's risk of dying from any cause, cardiovascular causes, and cancer.
My View Has CHANGED! (Public Service Announcement)
My view has changed about something in particular, and this video is my public statement!
Are you a natural? Do you wish to optimize your muscle and strength gains? If so, and you're NOT including THIS approach to training, then you're significantly short-changing your results! Watch now and discover how and why!
More Strength, Size With THIS Veggie Compound (New Research)
For athletes looking to increase both strength and size, THIS compound found in certain plant foods may be of interest (according to human research). Watch to find out why and how!
WATCH NOW to discover the OPTIMAL amount carbohydrates you should be consuming each day TO LOWER YOUR RISK OF DYING! (Hint: it's LOWER than what you may have been led to believe!) Also, find out what happens when you substitute plant-based fat and protein sources for animal-based fat and protein sources. Big, newly-published research!
Re: Cannibalism & the Risk + Nutrition of Human Meat
My previous video garnered a mixed-reaction from folks. Some were downright triggered, some were in shock, and some got the joke and played along. But, there was still some truth to my words. This video offers a clarification to my previous video, but also provides some further twisted knowledge you won't be able to unhear!