The TRUTH About Alcohol Consumption (NEW SHOCKING RESEARCH!)
Even consuming a relatively small amount of alcohol can be hazardous to your health and performance, but new research has discovered that it is also KILLING you! Tune in to find out how, and just how little it actually takes!
What’s That Smell?! Oh, You Eat Meat…
Ever wonder if there's something more than just compassion that makes vegans attractive? Well, science has an answer!
The Truth About Modern Men (Nu-Males, Soy Boys, Soy Face, Cucks)
Men are becoming less and less "masculine" in pretty much EVERY sense, and this significant decline has been scientifically-documented! In this video I explore the elements of this decline, and point out why YOU, my male viewers, likely have a distinct advantage over the general "competition"! #soyboy #soyface #soylentgrin #numale #betamale #cuck
Re: Vegan Gains “No More Squats”
This is my response to Richard's (Vegan Gains') recent video: Something I feel others, not just Richard, may benefit from hearing.
The TRUTH About Black Genetics Part 2! (SCIENCE)
In this sequel video I explore the science on the topic of "black genetics" even further when it comes to bodybuilding.
Whiny, Obese B*tch Accuses Cancer Research UK of “Fat-Shaming”
An overweight "comedian", Sofie Hagen, has accused Cancer Research UK of "fat-shaming" after they launched a campaign against obesity. This is my response. Trigger warning!
The TRUTH About Gun Violence in the US?
In the wake of the recent Parkland, Florida high school massacre, I am discussing gun violence, gun control, and a REAL root issue not many people are even considering. I also get into very telling statistics no one seems to be talking about.
Broscientists, Supplement Companies & Meat-Eaters Hate Him!
Researchers have concluded the truth about protein needs, muscle growth, and strength gain! Findings sure to piss off broscientists, supplement companies, and devout, aggressively anti-vegan meat-eaters.
More Politically-Correct Madness [Get Ready to Face Palm!]
Too many people today are massive, whiny pussies that lack even the most basic survival skills required should their current, cushy way-of-life suddenly collapse. So, is it really any surprise the way people are reacting to a scene from Sony Pictures' latest film "Peter Rabbit"? #BoycottPeterRabbit #FoodAllergies #Bullying #PeterRabbit
Time for some more myth busting using science: eating meat makes you manly!