The Dark Side of Dating App Users (New RESEARCH!)
Does the use of dating apps, such as Tinder, have consequences for the way people treat their bodies? In this video I review some DISTURBING, new research out of Harvard University exploring the subject.
Strength athletes may build more muscle tissue by consuming THESE VEGAN FOODS daily! (They can also reduce aging and cellular death!)
The TRUTH About Vegan vs Non-Vegan Athletes (New RESEARCH!)
If you were to believe everything that you've read or heard of late, you'd probably think that a vegan diet would be deleterious for athletes. In this video I review some NEWLY PUBLISHED RESEARCH that actually put vegan athletes to the test against both vegetarians and omnivores. Watch now to find out how they fared! #vegan #veganism #veganfitness #veganathlete
Something’s Fishy! (Transgender vs Animals Rights)
In the Left's continued, sick pursuit to accommodate what is arguably a mental illness, animals are now being exploited! And vegans need to pick a side. Watch now to find out what's going on!
The TRUTH About Natty vs Enhanced Muscle Growth (JUST PUBLISHED!)
How much muscle can a steroid-user actually build compared to a natural? With this episode I answer that question WITH FRESH SCIENCE! #nattyornot #fakenatty #naturalbodybuilding #natty
FREE Testosterone Boosted 48% Naturally!! (BLOOD WORK RESULTS!)
Viewers had asked me for updates and results from a vegan-friendly food I had discussed in a previous video that has been shown to improve testosterone levels, sperm count, ejaculate volume, and much more... well here you go!
A Truly F*cking Disgusting Reality!
A comment left under my last video, followed by a recent, disturbing Newsweek article, has inspired me to produce THIS video about a very real problem. Watch and learn, better yet... watch and PROTECT YOURSELF! #clownworld #honkhonk #thot #coachella
Get Woke, Go SEXUALLY Broke?
Turns out yet another thing mainstream media and culture tries to impress upon us is just DEAD WRONG! (Surprise, surprise.) You simply cannot fight biology with ideology. Watch now to learn more! #MeToo #feminism #toxicmasculinity #patriarchy #fakenews
Want to Live Longer? Have One of These! (New RESEARCH!)
New research shows that having THIS in your life can make you live longer! #makemarriagegreatagain
Great News For VEGAN Athletes! (SORRY CARNIVORES)
The results from THIS large study certainly favor a vegan, plant-based diet, but not so much the carnivore approach. Watch now to find out why and how! #carnivore #carnitards #govegan