Women Prefer Men With This (New RESEARCH!)
Men who are seeking relationship success with women are likely to increase their chances if they have this! (They will also reduce their mortality risk by 40%!) Plus more! Tune in.
The TRUTH About Veganism & Mental Illness (SCIENCE!)
In this video I address a topic that is constantly brought up as an argument and/or attack against veganism, vegans, and the vegan community time and again. Does veganism CAUSE mental illness? Or is it purely correlation? And if it is causal, what's the root of the problem? And, more importantly, what can be done about it? In this video I explore the science!
A NEW Way to Tell If Someone Is a Natty or Not!??? (JUST PUBLISHED!)
This video looks at new research exploring a particular set of trends significantly-present in steroid-users compared to non-users.
Talking to Retards: Episode 1 – “Food Doesn’t Build Muscle”
The first installment of a possibly new video series where I provide smart-ass responses to dumb-ass comments left under my videos. And we're kicking off this series with a VERY special case!
Re: Vegan Gains and Intermittent Fasting (RESEARCH)
This video is in response to Richard, aka Vegan Gains, regarding intermittent fasting, body composition and performance.
The TRUTH About Vitamin B12 (VEGANS VS. NON-VEGANS!)
Do vegans REALLY need to supplement B12 to maintain healthy levels of the vitamin? And whether they do or don't supplement, how do their B12 levels compare to vegetarians and meat eaters? In this video, I explore a German study that set out to answer those questions. You may find the results... enlightening. (All vegans should watch!)
The Dangerous TRUTH About Modern Relationships (RESEARCH BASED!)
In talking with a friend by phone recently, who is recovering from an unfaithful husband with a personality disorder that I have experience with, I got the idea to do a video on the topic of modern relationships and infidelity. Just how bad is it out there? In this video, I look at the research and statistics to provide you with the facts!
My Views on Homosexuality (Science & Opinion)
People have often asked me what I think about gays, lesbians, and homosexuality, especially as someone who is conservative and politically right-of-center. This video offers my response.
Vegan vs Paul McCartney (WIRED)
This is my video response to part of Paul McCartney's recent interview with WIRED where he discussed his vegetarianism. A video titled "Paul McCartney Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions".
It is estimated that up to 80% of the population will experience at least one episode of back pain at some point in their lives. But, that doesn't necessarily mean you need to stop training. It may just mean you need to intelligently adjust your approach to adapt for a time. This video discusses one way that I've successfully done just that!