A Cure For Leftism (Beta Males, Nu-Males, Soy Boys, Cucks)
A cure for what ails Western nations.
Do THIS for a 42% GREATER Sperm Count! (RESEARCH!)
The sperm count of your average western male has declined by over 59% since 1973! However, there are two activities that can solve that problem! Watch now to find out what they are and how often you need to do them! Plus, I discuss the HARD TRUTH about meat, fertility and male hormones! #fertility #masculinity #health
Carnivore Deterioration? (Bart Kay)
Got a bit of a "chicken-and-egg" scenario here... is this deterioration from the carnivore diet? Or were these issues present to begin with? #Carnivore #Diet #MentalHealth
This Supplement May PREVENT DEATH from Severe COVID-19!
Another affordable (vegan-friendly) supplement that looks promising in the fight against severe COVID-19! (This information may help you or someone you love!) #coronavirus #covid19 #covid_19
1 PROVEN Exercise for Entire Legs & Butt (No Gym Required!)
According to research there's one exercise, which can even be performed in the comfort of your own home (even bathroom) using a single dumbbell or a band for resistance, that is hard to beat when it comes to developing the entirety of the legs and butt! Watch now to find out what and how. #homeworkouts #butt #legs
Anonymous for the Voiceless CUCKS OUT! (Paul Bashir, Asal Alamdari)
The title says it all. This is my response to these current events. #AnonymousfortheVoiceless #AV
More aggression, more confidence, harder & firmer erections, and bigger ejaculations WITH THIS VEGAN FOOD! #VeganGains #AlphaVegan
I was ahead of the curve by OVER 2 weeks! I hope folks listened. (It's still not too late... watch now!) Quick physique update included!
Bryan Adams is a WAYCIST!
The title says it all. This was a requested video. #BryanAdams #vegan #COVID19 #coronavirus
You Need to Hear This (BEFORE IT’S TAKEN DOWN!)
More data has JUST been published that seems to reflect an important trend. But... it opposes the popular narrative, so videos like this are inevitably at risk for removal!