Your Pre-Workout Is DAMAGING Your Brain?! (NEW RESEARCH!)
The title says it all! Hot-off-the-press research has shown that THIS specific, toxic ingredient found in many popular pre-workout formulas can KILL brain cells! Watch now to find out what this ingredient is, and to see if you've been put at risk!
Another Testosterone Myth BUSTED!! (MUST WATCH!!)
There are a lot of myths and fear-mongering circulating around about testosterone. And this can lead men to worry or feeling overwhelmed, neither of which are good for testosterone health! In this video, I crush yet another, very popular myth about testosterone. But, there IS a caveat. Watch now to find out what that myth is, and what you MUST do!
Look More Attractive, According To Science (SIMPLE TO DO!)
Valentine's Day is just a couple weeks away, which provides the PERFECT amount of time for you to add this to your daily routine in preparation. (According to science.) Watch and find out. (By the way... it's VEGAN!)
The TRUTH About Animal v. Plant Protein (JUST PUBLISHED!)
One of the common criticisms that you'll hear from non-vegans is that plant protein is inferior to animal protein for building muscle and strength. How true is that statement? Well, let's look at the research and find out!
Activities Proven to Increase Testosterone Levels SIGNIFICANTLY
In this video I elaborate on particular activities that can naturally boost your testosterone levels that you may not have realized... according to research! Watch now to find out what they are, and the impact that they have. #toxicmasculinity #patriarchy #MeToo
The TRUTH About MY Veganism (& How I REALLY Feel)
Given the spotlight on ex-vegan testimonials at the moment, and the extreme anti-vegan sentiments coming from the carnivore camp, I've decided to do a no-bullshit video detailing my own experiences as a vegan for nearly 6 years now. (And meat-free for nearly 17!)
VEGAN Ketogenic Day of Eating | Meals, Macros & Supplements
What I ate in a day on a high-fat, low-carb VEGAN ketogenic diet. All supplementation included.
One hot, vegan-friendly dietary trick for significantly more muscular strength in a month! It's really simple, too!
Women Prefer Men With This (New RESEARCH!)
Men who are seeking relationship success with women are likely to increase their chances if they have this! (They will also reduce their mortality risk by 40%!) Plus more! Tune in.
The TRUTH About Veganism & Mental Illness (SCIENCE!)
In this video I address a topic that is constantly brought up as an argument and/or attack against veganism, vegans, and the vegan community time and again. Does veganism CAUSE mental illness? Or is it purely correlation? And if it is causal, what's the root of the problem? And, more importantly, what can be done about it? In this video I explore the science!