Want to Live Longer? Have One of These! (New RESEARCH!)
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Great News For VEGAN Athletes! (SORRY CARNIVORES)
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The TRUTH About Ex-Vegans (& Dumb Carnivores)
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THIS Can Instantly Attract A Woman! (And Research Proves It)
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Calling Out Blatant Misinformation!
With the growing number of ex-vegans giving testimonials about how the vegan diet has harmed them in some manner, I feel that it is ever-important to cast spotlight on and correct nutritional misinformation.
RE: Vegan Gains, ATHLEAN-X, and “Perfect Workouts”
This video is a response to Vegan Gains' recent criticisms of Jeff Cavaliere's (ATHLEAN-X's) "Perfect Workout" series. Tune in for some SCIENCE!
A recent, viral news story got me thinking about vegans, ex-vegans and non-vegans. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!
MORE Testosterone & MORE Sperm (WITH THIS VEGAN FOOD!)
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Your Pre-Workout Is DAMAGING Your Brain?! (NEW RESEARCH!)
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