How to Spot a Fake Vegan: Jon Venus
This is my response to Jon Venus' "I tried eating eggs" video published on December 1st. #JonVenus #FakeVegan #eggs
Mike O’Hearn Is Going Vegan!
Mike "The Titan" O'Hearn said he is going to try the vegan diet for 12 weeks. This video is my response to Mike (and his followers). #TheGameChangers #MikeOHearn #vegan
And THIS Is Why People HATE Vegans!
And THIS is why people hate vegans... #BurgerKing #ImpossibleBurger #vegan
The End?
This is not a typical subject for me to discuss, but I felt it was important... #YouTube #TermsofService #COPPAcalypse
In this video I share with you ONE amazing, evidence-based exercise that can help you build a powerful superhero physique... and you're likely NOT doing it! Watch now to find out what and how. #superhero #vtaper #aesthetics
The TRUTH About Anti-Vegans (RESEARCH-BASED!)
In this episode I explore some interesting research into the psychology of anti-vegans, and (some of) what was found may actually surprise you! #antivegan #psychology #veganism
VEGANS vs MEAT-EATERS: Testosterone, Boners & Manliness!
This video was inspired by an interesting experiment featured in the new documentary 'The Game Changers'. In this episode I am discussing veganism and the markers of manliness! #gamechangersmovie #thegamechangers #plantbased #erections #testosterone
In this video I explore a significant, masculine benefit achieved by NOT yankin' your crank for at least 7 days. AND IT'S BACKED BY SCIENCE!!! I also get into the very real (and very frightening) drawbacks of porn consumption. A must watch and must share! #NoFap #quitporn #testosterone
Add OVER 1 Inch to Your Arms FAST (SCIENCE)
In this video I discuss a NEW training method that was recently shown (in human research) to increase biceps size by nearly 10% in 12 weeks! For your average guy, with approx. 13-inch arms (flexed), 10% could translate to about 1.3-inches of fresh upper arm muscle after those 90 days! #ARMageddon #arms
Are You Eating These VEGAN Foods? (YOU SHOULD BE!)
THIS specific dietary mineral, abundant in a number of awesome vegan foods, appears to have a profound impact on health and longevity. Watch now to find out what and how! (Research-based!)