Veganism & Death (RESEARCH!)
In this video I review research looking at the association between a vegan diet and mortality risks. #plantbased #vegan
Everyone NEEDS To Hear This!
According to American psychologists having THIS may extend your life expectancy. I also feel it may be one possible solution to the harrowing problems we are experiencing as a society. Watch to learn more! #mentalhealth #longevity
Is there REALLY a vegan agenda? Or is there actually some sort of an agenda AGAINST vegans? Watch and find out (I present recent evidence to support my case). Also, let's talk about supply, demand and how plant-based alternatives are actually doing in the market (and who's buying them the most!) #veganagenda
Problems with Polyamory, Promiscuity + Thots! (SCIENCE)
In this episode I share a piece of, hopefully, eye-opening research regarding the VERY REAL damage of having too many sex partners. And "too many" can mean as little as two! Watch for the particulars. #clownworld #honkhonk
Disadvantages of Being Attractive? (New RESEARCH!)
In this video I discuss a new piece of research exploring how a man's attractiveness effects a woman's desires and behaviors toward / with him. The results may shock (and even disgust) you, depending on the context of course.
After a cup of THIS your body consumes more energy almost immediately! Watch now to find out what and how. #healthy #fit #WeightLoss
Eat THIS Daily, Live YEARS Longer! (JUST PUBLISHED!)
If you eat THIS inexpensive vegan food most of the week, you may live a little over three years longer according to newly published research! Watch now to learn more. #lifeextension #longevity #antiaging #health
The Dark Side of Dating App Users (New RESEARCH!)
Does the use of dating apps, such as Tinder, have consequences for the way people treat their bodies? In this video I review some DISTURBING, new research out of Harvard University exploring the subject.
Strength athletes may build more muscle tissue by consuming THESE VEGAN FOODS daily! (They can also reduce aging and cellular death!)
The TRUTH About Vegan vs Non-Vegan Athletes (New RESEARCH!)
If you were to believe everything that you've read or heard of late, you'd probably think that a vegan diet would be deleterious for athletes. In this video I review some NEWLY PUBLISHED RESEARCH that actually put vegan athletes to the test against both vegetarians and omnivores. Watch now to find out how they fared! #vegan #veganism #veganfitness #veganathlete