More Politically-Correct Madness [Get Ready to Face Palm!]
Too many people today are massive, whiny pussies that lack even the most basic survival skills required should their current, cushy way-of-life suddenly collapse. So, is it really any surprise the way people are reacting to a scene from Sony Pictures' latest film "Peter Rabbit"? #BoycottPeterRabbit #FoodAllergies #Bullying #PeterRabbit
Time for some more myth busting using science: eating meat makes you manly!
What I currently eat in a day on a vegan recomp! Lose fat AND build muscle... at the SAME time!
The Cost of Fatherhood
Here's one cost of fatherhood... complete with the facts!
What the F*CK Sweden?!
A Swedish zoo has been killing healthy, young lions, referring to them as a "surplus". But, doesn't Sweden have an actual, damaging "surplus" of another kind on their hands? Rant time!
How YOU Can Develop a Powerful Jawline (SCIENCE)
A strong jawline is a physically-defining marker of masculinity, and research demonstrates that it can make you more attractive to women. In this video I discuss one way, backed by science, that can help YOU develop a powerful-looking jawline.
Alpha Male in a Pill?
Are you a "Yes Man" (or "Yes Woman")? Research shows that a specific dose of THIS may help you! Watch to find out what... and how much.
My New Nutrition & Fitness Favorites!
Just a quick video reviewing some cool products that I've personally enjoyed and found useful for my training goals.
Cory McCarthy vs Transgender Weightlifter
Laurel Hubbard, a transgender weightlifter from New Zealand, recently won two silver medals at the world championships competing in the women's 90kg and over division. It's time to get all SCIENCE up in this shit!
Significantly MORE Testosterone Just by Doing THIS! (SIMPLE!)
By ensuring that you get this one thing that one-third of Americans are depriving themselves of (CDC, 2012), you can raise your testosterone significantly! Take control NOW with this simple-to-apply information.